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Member Self-Service is the New Full-Service

by Steve Ayers As I look back into my youth, the idea of full-service to consumers was most transparent in gas stations and banks.  I fondly remember driving to the gas station and sitting in the car while the attendants … Continue reading

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Manager Roles: The Coach — Part II

by Dan McGraw Sometimes feedback is avoided because of the fear and uncertainty of confrontation.  Learning the steps for effective feedback ensures success and effectiveness.  Two of the most important: picking the right time and place and getting the employee’s … Continue reading

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Manager Roles: The Coach – Part I

by Dan McGraw The most effective managers assume many roles based on the situation and the needs of the organization. Whether it’s manager, leader, mentor or coach, these roles and their respective skills can be learned, practiced and mastered.  The … Continue reading

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Customer Service Secrets from Disney

Where Customers Leave Feeling Like They Experienced Something Magical by Sarah Barrett Sure you can’t have Mickey greet each member who walks into the gym or a fireworks nighttime spectacular each night.  But you can provide legendary customer service and … Continue reading

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Imagine This

By:  Blair McHaney, Owner, Gold’s Gyms Wenatchee, WA Imagine if your franchisor thought of you as their employee.  Imagine if your franchisor made decisions that affected the future of your business but you had no voice.  Imagine these decisions threatened … Continue reading

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