Fitness Mobile Apps – Instruction & Motivation on the Go!

By Annie Redding

We are an increasingly mobile society and we loooove our smart phones! You can order products directly from them, make a dinner reservation, check the weather, manage your bank account and countless other tasks. Why shouldn’t your smart phone help you with your workout? The answer is – it can and it should!

How many times has this happened to your clients: they go to complete their workout and suddenly they can’t quite remember the correct form on that exercise you showed them? Or they find themselves thinking, “Wait, how many reps was I supposed to do? What weight was I using last time?” Unfortunately, if this happens many clients give themselves a pass and move on to the next exercise or try and guess what the weight should have been. This can erode their progress and you will most likely find them losing motivation.

Fitness apps alleviate these predicaments.  Some fitness apps allow your clients to easily access informational videos and step by step instructions to assist them with the workouts you have provided. They will never again forget what weight or reps they were supposed to do, because their fitness app will tell them. Besides, it seems like every client loses their workout notebook and all the workouts and helpful tips you have given them. With the help of an app, everything they document can automatically be backed up online, so information can never be lost.

Fitness apps can also help keep clientele motivated, giving clients the ability to set new goals, network with other users (I love this part!) who have similar health and fitness objectives and upload progress pictures and stats. We all need a little pat on the back every now and then right? If they get bored with their routine or can’t fathom completing one more rep of that dreaded exercise they can search the workout database. As we all know boredom can be a killer in staying motivated. With your guidance, they can learn to leverage the tool in their hand!

Just remember, our smart phones can provide us with a wealth of instant information and assistance. Why not bring it into the gym?

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  • Easily access informational videos and step by step instructions to assist them with the workouts you have provided
  • Back up everything automatically to their free BodySpace account online
  • Set new goals
  • Network with other users who have similar health and fitness objectives
  • Upload progress pictures and stats
  • And more!

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