Secrets from Disney – Part 2

We learned the Disney secrets for delivering great “guest” service a couple months ago.  Today, we’ll peek into the company’s strategies for “Great Leaders.”  Take these and apply them to your business.

Disney Great Leader Strategies*

*Abridged version

1.  Design your organizational structure for success … “Break the Mold.”

  • Be willing to recreate the structure and change the whole approach if needed.

2.  Make sure you have the right people in the right jobs.

  • Create challenging jobs; expand your thinking about people’s capabilities.  Don’t just hire for the job.
  • Select the best, not the best available.

3.  Ensure that Cast Members are knowledgeable about their jobs.

  • Cast Members should know the business, the strengths and the opportunities for improvement.
  • Ask yourself, “Are Cast Members training managers or vice versa?”

4.  Make dramatic leaps in guest service.

  • Experience our product frequently as a guest.
  • Understand what “World Class Service” is from a guest’s perspective.
  • Read Guest letters on a regular basis and respond personally.
  • Look for new ways, both internally and externally, to better your best effort each day.

5.  Implement effective, structured processes for getting work done.

  • Scan weekly reports for new ideas.

6.  Explore, probe and know what is going on in your organization and act upon the information.

  • Walk Cast/Guest areas every day as you come in to work.
  • Hold breakfasts, lunches or dinners (or other forums) on a regular basis to learn what’s really going on.
  • Learn the truth!

7.  Actively observe and react to the performance of your direct reports – take time for recognition, coaching and counseling.

  • Always notice performance, positive or negative, and provide feedback to your cast.
  • Make a point of letting people know specifically what they are doing right.

8.  Expand and act upon knowledge and experience of the best service available anywhere.

  • Consistently ask, “Do I have the best service in the business?”
  • Know what the best service looks like.  Know how to apply it.
  • Expose yourself to the best – reflect on it, then act on it.

9.  Partner effectviely and successfully with staff and other cross-functional partners.

  • Don’t avoid conflict and confrontation on tough issues.
  • Welcome input and constructive feedback.

10.  Demonstrate a passionate, professional commitment to your job.

  • Make sure your job is something you love to do.
  • Deal personally with “the worst guests in the world.”
  • Do the right things for the right reasons.

11.  Understand and demonstrate mastery of business fundamentals.

  • Have a clear picture of where your business is headed; break it down into components, analyze it, and then plan.
  • Don’t be a fence sitter.  Be decisive and make the tough choices.
  • Know how to use your resources effectively.

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