The single fastest, no punches pulled, might not even be legal, path to cash

by Chris Batchelor

I want to let GGFA members in on a little secret that my team and I have been quietly taking over the world of fitness marketing with.

  • It’s 10 times more effective than email
  • Cannot be ignored
  • It is the lowest cost/highest ROI marketing method on planet earth
  • Almost no one in our industry is using it  (with the exception of our followers)
  • And I personally guarantee it is the next BIG thing in generating leads, closing sales and retaining more members

It’s called Mobile Marketing. A simple yet powerful marketing concept that takes your marketing and retention messages and delivers them to the cell phones and smart phones of your members, prospects and even random passersby.  Mobile marketing allows you to generate unlimited amounts of leads via text message. It also allows you to communicate with your existing clients with an efficiency that eclipses literally every single other method on the planet. Simply put, if you are not harnessing the power of text message marketing, you are losing out.

In 2010, over 6 trillion text messages were sent and received from over 4 billion mobile phones and 96% of them were opened within 1 hour.

In my opinion text message marketing will be the next big thing in the fitness industry rivaled only by the adoption of EFT memberships in the early 90’s.

Text messages allow you to communicate with your members and prospects in real time.  Email can be ignored, text cannot.

  • Do you have a weekly personal training promotion?  Text it out to your list
  • Closed for a holiday weekend?  Text your members to save them the drive to your business.
  • Searching for a new lead generating method?  Add text marketing to your direct mail, billboard, radio, tv or business to business marketing by providing a key word for prospects to text to receive a special offer.

The possibilities are truly endless.  Since the concept and technology is almost brand new, health clubs are poised to take advantage of it.

Next week, I am presenting a GGFA-hosted webinar.  (Click here to register!) I will be sharing with you some specific, step-by-step strategies to generate revenue and improve your customer experience via text message and mobile marketing. In the meantime, check out our trusted GGFA resource for Mobile Marketing Technology.

Add your comments and questions below this blog or email them to GGFA Coordinating Manger, Sarah Barrett at, and I will address all of them next week.

If you submit a question in the comment section of this blog for me to address next week, I will personally mail you a copy of our book “The Fitness Sale Blue Print” as my gift to you.  It is filled with over 180 pages of prospecting and sales systems extracted from some of the most successful health clubs in the world.

Happy Marketing!

Thank you, FitMessenger, for contributing to The Locker RooM.





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