Ten Things You Can Do Right Now on Facebook

By Cassie Piercey

1.      Have a plan. Organize your status updates by keeping a monthly Facebook content calendar. This ensures you won’t suffer an episode of Status Update Blank when Facebook asks “What’s on your mind?” A content calendar provides the proper framework to ensure your posts aren’t redundant, inconsistent or irrelevant.

2.      Create a custom URL. By default, Facebook pages have long, hard to remember URLs. I highly advise creating a custom URL for your page to enhance search engine visibility and allow your clients/members to find you more easily. Go to http://www.facebook.com/username and follow the simple steps to create your custom Facebook page URL.

3.      Complete your Info page. Make sure to complete your business Info page to provide your fans with comprehensive information about your business and product/service offerings as well as how to contact you.

4.      Use the 60/40 rule. 60% of the time post educational or conversation-inspiring content. For example, ask a question, “How often do you go to the gym?” The other 40% of the time you can promote your business—talk about new amenities, special offers or events.

5.      Create themed posts. Keep Facebook fans coming back to your page each week with a themed post – e.g., “Motivation Monday” or “Trainer Tip Thursday.” Write about what you know.

6.      Post photos and videos. Research shows that people like to watch videos and see photos (particularly of themselves) on Facebook. Posting photos and videos is an easy way to increase interactions and gain prominence in your fans’ News Feeds. Get my best practices for online video marketing in the September/October 2011 issue of The VoicE: http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/5ee0f8e9#/5ee0f8e9/24.

7.      Get noticed by tagging. Utilize the tag feature (or @) when posting a status update that involves a friend or other business. This allows your post to be seen on their profile or business page and by their friends or fans, further increasing your visibility.

8.      Acknowledge negative feedback. Transparency is tantamount on social media; you cannot ignore or delete negative feedback (unless offensive language is used). Instead, utilize Facebook as a customer service tool and help solve the problem.

9.      Create Facebook Tabs. Facebook Tabs are a great way to personalize your Facebook page and generate buzz around a new product or service. Tabs can be used to encourage people to like your page or drive Fans to your website. The Hub Spot blog offers a simple 3-step approach: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/6168/How-to-Create-a-New-Facebook-Tab-in-3-Easy-Steps.aspx.

10. Utilize free analytics. Facebook Insights allow you to track everything from new page likes, to the number of post views a day/week/month as well as user profiles broken down by gender, age, language, country, etc. Consider the data that means the most to your business and track it! This will help you identify what your fans like to see, whether it’s videos, photos or special offers.

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Cassie Piercey is the Communications Manager for Total Gym® and a published fitness writer living in San Diego, Calif. She has executed strategic marketing communications for nationally recognized brands such as Sprint, Hostess, H&R Block, the American Council on Exercise and more. Cassie has placed her clients in major national media including Associated Press, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC.com and the TODAY Show. Her background also includes work as a reporter and anchor for KOMU-TV, an NBC affiliate television station in Columbia, Mo.


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