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Your Member Says; “I Don’t Want to Sue, But…”

by Ken Reinig How to eliminate a claim before it starts.  As a health club owner, if you haven’t heard these words from one of your members, chances are you will. If you stay in this business long enough, eventually … Continue reading

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Stephen’s Post-Owners’ Conference Thoughts

by Stephen Langdon, Gold’s Gyms San Angelo, North Midland & Midland, TX Anyone reading this is almost certainly a self motivated, ambitious person who got where they are the hard way.  We are all “Generals” in our daily struggle to … Continue reading

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Owners’ Conference Thoughts

by Blair McHaney The Owners’ Conference is the perfect venue for franchisees to share their fears, their aspirations, and their plans.  It is the place for franchisees to do business, and to discuss the mechanics of the franchise contract and … Continue reading

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It’s All About Follow-Up!

By Fred Elias You fail to sell 100% of the leads you don’t follow-up with. Lack of leads & poor member follow-up is the number one failure for health clubs. Marketing generates many valuable leads, but if your Sales Teams … Continue reading

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