It’s All About Follow-Up!

By Fred Elias

You fail to sell 100% of the leads you don’t follow-up with.

Lack of leads & poor member follow-up is the number one failure for health clubs. Marketing generates many valuable leads, but if your Sales Teams are ineffective and unorganized, leads will fall through the cracks. Incorporate a system that takes out human error and maximizes your lead investment.

Industry stats, articles, research and pundits report a 50-75% failure in sales lead follow-up by most clubs. This isn’t minor leakage, it is a massive problem. This tells us the marketing failure is in direct proportion to the lack of sales follow-up.

Here’s a disturbing statistic that I hear from owners/managers: 90% of their Fitness Consultants give up after one to three phone calls!  This is an issue because most people need 7-11 points of contact before they are ready to buy, so here are a few things I teach Fitness Consultants:

  • Half of all sales leads turn into a sale for someone. (Will it be you?).  If they inquired with your club there is a good chance they also spoke with a competitor of yours.
  • 25-50% of all inquiries and leads are not followed-up by anyone within the club.
  • Whether you get through to someone or not on the first call, it places you first in line as someone who took the time to care.
  • Faster follow-up wins out over slower follow-up.
  • Having a daily plan/agenda is essential for effective follow-up.
  • The most enduring fact of sales lead closure: persistence always wins over those who give up after the first call.

A well-managed, enforced and monitored follow-up system is the key to maximizing sales efficiency.

Please ask yourself, “Do I truly know my club’s conversion rate, close rate, revenue per member and how that compares to other clubs in my region and the industry? If you don’t know the answers, ask your peers what they are doing and get a system in place!”

Thank you, Visual Fitness Planner, for contributing to The Locker RooM!


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