Owners’ Conference Thoughts

by Blair McHaney

The Owners’ Conference is the perfect venue for franchisees to share their fears, their aspirations, and their plans.  It is the place for franchisees to do business, and to discuss the mechanics of the franchise contract and how to make the most of their future. I remain astounded with any franchisee that is not a part of the GGFA.  It is a bit like saying –  “I am going to complain about our country, but I am not going to vote.”

The GGFA has methodically marched forward to put a structure in place that allows the collective voice of franchisees to well up to the National Franchise Council where real discussion with GGI can lead to real progress.  The Owners’ Conference is a critical part of the structure.

There is a shared responsibility among franchisees to help shape the future within the brand.  As long as you are a franchisee, and as long as there is a GGFA, you should be involved.  Certainly it is any franchisee’s right to not be involved, just as it is your right to not vote.  To be involved is to be accountable for change and progress.  I think of a great quote by Abraham Lincoln – “To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards of men.”  Twelve words that expressed his strong opinion about being involved in the conversation and choosing to be a diligent contributor to an improved future.

My thanks to everyone that chooses accountability over non-accountability.  Thank you for attending.  Thank you for supporting one another.

GGFA President, Mike Epstein, set a conversational tone for the entire conference.  This is a poignant reminder of what great organizations create.  They create a dialogue among all the stakeholders of the organization.  The purpose of which is to constantly improve the relationships and the chance for all to succeed.  Be forever cautious of those who choose not to take part in the dialogue or those who insist on a monologue.  Monologues are for dictators.  Silence is for the self-serving.

The entire GGFA structure (and the structural pieces the GGFA is working to implement) is the wiring of a fulltime dialogue.   Use it.  Be a part of it.






About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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One Response to Owners’ Conference Thoughts

  1. Great post Blair – enjoyed seeing you at the GGFA show. It was brilliant on many levels. Here is the post I did on the event http://bit.ly/qLejiF . I hope you are well and many thanks to my friends in the Golds system for letting me be a part of the event.

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