The Benefits of Keeping Equipment Working

by ABC Financial

There are two main complaints heard most by gym members. One is a lack of cleanliness, and the other is equipment that is out of order.

There are many benefits to keeping your equipment up to date and in proper working order. Not only does it ensure happy members who can use everything your gym has to offer, but it also guards against injuries from improperly-working equipment. I recently read an industry publication about a lawsuit filed by a member against a club. The member claimed that a leg curl machine failed to stop and struck her in the face and shoulder.

The chances of unfortunate events like this happening are significantly decreased through proper maintenance and inspection of all machines and having proper safeguards in place. Not only does all equipment need to be maintained adequately and frequently, but an added measure such as adding a line or two in all membership agreements would help, perhaps saying: “The owners of this facility are not responsible for any injuries you may acquire while working out”. An additional precaution could be a waiver that any guest must sign before beginning a workout. But it’s always a good idea to seek legal counsel to ensure proper wording on all contracts and agreements.

There are a few companies in the industry that provide great tools for keeping up with maintenance issues, such as Club Vitals®. They use QR codes on the machines to track repairs that need to be done. They keep a record of all equipment warranties so you never pay for repairs under warranty, they help you stay organized with a paperless system, and reduce or eliminate calls to a third party maintenance company. This all means more time and money for you, and retaining more memberships in this very competitive market.

 Thank you ABC Financial for contributing to The Locker RooM!


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One Response to The Benefits of Keeping Equipment Working

  1. John Hughes says:

    Excellent article on what frustrates members. Out of order signs are acceptable as long as equipment is fixed quickly or removed from the floor.

    Cleanliness and organization is another issue. A gym member who walks away from weights they leave on the floor or wants everyone to see how much they lifted without removing weight plates is unacceptable and inconsiderate. We are all given the same 24 hours a day, so every minute counts. The “not my gym, not my problem” mentality needs to be addressed.

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