Are You Really Ready for 2012?

by  Tony Torre
National Sales Director –Visual Fitness Planner

This time of the year usually prompts gym owners to talk about how excited they are that the New Year is approaching.  Their common theory is that the influx of people that will come to their clubs and potentially sign up in January will solve many of their financial and debt filled burdens.   But do you really have a plan?

With the holiday season upon us, many gym owners attempt to create that strategic plan for the New Year.  As owners, you need to ask yourselves, do you spend any time thinking about how to truly maximize all of the opportunities that will present themselves in 2012?   Have you really set up your staff for success? Or have you just made them liable?!

Remember to stay true to your plan, and the results and success will follow.  Here are some high level steps to help increase Membership and Program sales in 2012. 

Do you have an effective sales process in place?

      • Is the sales process driven by price?  The member’s results?  Or the experience that member will receive when joining?
      • Is there value presented with the sales process?
      • Does your staff “sign and hide” with new members, or do they effectively direct that member towards a solution-based on-boarding process?

What is your sales culture?   

      • How often are you keeping your staff accountable? Monthly, weekly or daily?
      • Does your staff consistently have the best interest of the member in mind every day?
      • Do they effectively promote additional services?

Does your staff have an appealing story regarding your brand? And if so, are they able to share it effectively with the prospects and members?

      • What is your marketing plan? Do you have one?
      • Are you more than a gym?
      • Do you present “About Us” during your sales presentation?
      • Does your story talk about the amenities and benefits of joining your facility?

Do you have a campaign established for the upcoming year?  How will you position yourself against the competition?  Does your staff own this campaign? Does your campaign include the following?

      • Pricing
      • Timing
      • Incentives
      • Members’ experiences / testimonials
      • Value
      • Marketing to the community

Owners are many times so deep into the 4 walls of their clubs that a realistic approach is not taken at the business plan and what is truly needed inside the facilities.   I have always encouraged owners to”put themselves in that member’s perspective”.   Esthetics, cleanliness and equipment are only one perspective.  How about the culture, sales process and the member’s experience? 

Ask friends, family, and NON gym people, what they think about your facilities.  Would they consider joining your club? What would motivate them to join?  When at local restaurants and retail stores, ask the cashiers and waitresses if they would join your club? What is the reason they joined somewhere else? 

With an honest approach to making a change and not getting in the same routine of what failed in 2011, a well thought-out strategic plan can be a god send.  So be ready for any opportunity that comes your way in 2012, and stay tuned for an upcoming blog on how to maximize those opportunities. 

I wish you Happy Holidays and Success in 2012!

Tony Torre
National Sales Director –Visual Fitness Planner| 631 521 5412

Thank you Tony for contributing to the GGFA blog!

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