Challenge 2012: On your mark, get set – GO! (what now?)

by Amy Simpson, Vice President of Operations
Visual Fitness Planner

Wow – This is truly making fitness happen!  While most of you reading this have the opportunity to hear individual testimonials and all the great feedback from your members, I, on the other hand, have the opportunity to see the massive impact this program has on thousands and thousands of people.  This time last year, there were 87 teams using the Challenge Platform (built and powered by the Visual Fitness Planner).  By the time the final flight weighed in, the contestant count tipped over 6,000 people and collectively participants lost OVER 28 THOUSAND pounds – AMAZING!!!  (not to mention the 15,827 inches lost!)

With the final (Late Flight) kicking off next week, this year’s (measurable) Challenge results are destined to be even more staggering.  Below, you will find a QR code that will take you to the live 2012 Challenge Contestant Counter (or just visit to see a live count of participants.  As I am typing, this number is around 5300 and growing very steadily every day!

As you move from the chaos of January, New Year’s resolutions, the constant recruiting and measuring members for participation in the Challenge and all the things that come with January…. don’t forget about the faces, the stories and all the families that are truly helped and positively impacted by improved health and fitness as a result of all your hard work!   Below are a couple of quick and easy tips built into the Challenge Platform.  Who knows…they might even help sell some additional personal training!

Leverage the Reports Section –

EMAIL HARVESTER:  send encouraging stories, testimonials, PT offers, and workout/nutrition recommendations to all your Challenge Participants.  To harvest these emails, just click reports, and enter the date you began entering contestant information. ‘Click’ finds emails now.

POST IN-CLUB UPDATES:  list and update the number of participants by Gender or Age Group or Both and quickly/easily manipulate any of your club Challenge Data by clicking on Contestant Reports and copying all the data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Begin promoting and preparing for MID-CHALLENGE MEASUREMENT Dates:   While this is completely optional, this may be the most important part of keeping your participants engaged and give you one more opportunity to assist through the guidance of a dedicated personal trainer. 

THE FACES:  Finally take just a moment and just scroll down the Contestant Report showing all the images for your club.  I can only imagine all the great testimonials, stories, referrals and more reflected there.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of these remarkable transformations that occur in just 12 weeks!

If you are able to view the QR Code from a reader on your phone – try to do so.  If you are not, click on the QR Code to view the running Challenge Team Counter for those teams using the Visual Fitness Planner Tool.

What is this?  A QR code quickly and easily allows you access information.  To use, search and download a QR code reader on your smart phone and scan the code.  This QR Code takes you to the Live 2012 Gold’s Gym Challenge Counter (built and powered by the Visual Fitness Planner).

Amy Simpson, VP of Operations for the Visual Fitness Planner
She is the direct point of contact for the 2012 Challenge Platform.  Amy has over 26 years of Health Club Experience, most recently with Spectrum Clubs as Area General Manager.  She was the 1999 IHRSA/CYBEX Fitness Director of the Year.


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