5 Retention Strategies to Start Today

by ASF International

Member retention is key to success (and cash flow) in the fitness business. You really do need to treat each member like gold to make sure they aren’t defecting to the competition, falling off the wagon or losing interest in your services. What is your strategy to keep your members coming? Keep reading for five easy action items to increase your club’s member retention.

1)      A Warm Welcome– Get email addresses for all new members and send them a welcome message as soon as possible. Have their salesperson or trainer stay in touch with the member either through email or on the phone: encourage them, offer assistance and let them know your team is there to support them on their journey.

2)      Track Attendance– Attendance data is powerful stuff- trust me, if you aren’t tracking attendance for every member, you should be. The retention possibilities for attendance data are endless: sending a quick, personal email to non-attending members could be the nudge they need to get back in for a workout, running an attendance contest for new members might be a great way to jumpstart a new fitness regime, and don’t underestimate the power of a pat on the back for members that are already attending often.

3)      Keeping Members Accountable-As we all know, it takes a lot more than just purchasing a membership to achieve weight loss and other fitness goals. Regularly check in with your members to see how they are coming along. You can run reports based on membership start dates to easily touch base on monthly or quarterly anniversaries. Show members that they are important to you beyond the contract signing and reassure them that they have a support system in place.  

4)      Member Referrals– If you don’t already have an incentive program in place for your member referrals, get one now. Free training appointments, membership extensions, workout apparel, and training package discounts are just a few low cost prize ideas. Send every new member out the door with a few guest passes, and make sure you’re tracking and rewarding people for their referrals. If you can automate this process, even better!   

5)      Special Events– Offer members the opportunity to mingle and connect with other members and club staff at special events throughout the year. You could put together a team and train for a charity run/walk, sponsor a weekly running group, host educational seminars…the possibilities are endless! No matter what you do, make these special events even more enticing by opening them to the public and letting your members bring their friends and family.

Now that the New Year’s craziness has passed, it’s a great time to really put some serious thought into your member retention strategies. Contact us today if you need any tips or additional info about any of these retention strategies.

Whether you’re ringing up sales in your pro-shop, financing personal training packages for a member or simply need recurring dues processing, ASF International has a billing solution for you.  Their software connects all your club management tasks into one, easy-to-use package. Your membership dues and other profit centers are billed, tracked and connected through cloud based modules, keeping you informed and in control of your business 24/7. 
1-800-227-3859  |  www.asfinternational.com

Thank you ASF for contributing to the Locker RooM!


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