Get on the Offense! Ideas and Initiatives to REALLY Beat Low Priced Competitors

by Don Murphy, Hudson Valley Gold’s Gym Organization (HVGG)

A blog to support webinar hosted by Don Murphy on 2/22/12 @ 1 pm est.  If you would like to join us for this webinar, please register to reserve your spot.


During their 4-year battle against 5 Planet Fitness locations and other local competitors, Hudson Valley Gold’s Gym Organization (HVGG) has implemented new ideas and approaches to their business.  Learn firsthand about initiatives that will enable attendees to get on the offense and become PRO-ACTIVE in the approach to their Gold’s Gym business.  These ideas will enable owners and managers to truly increase the VALUE of their Gold’s Gym offering in their markets during 2012, rather than simply reacting in a defensive mode to what the competition is doing around them. 

Still battling, HVGG has taken a very pro-active approach to successfully winning-over many people in their community, nearly returning membership totals to pre-Planet Fitness levels.  Member education and inspiration, and innovative business strategy remains a key to their success. 

The question to ask yourself:  “Are you REALLY changing old business habits and implementing new ideas, philosophies, and strategies that cause people to understand WHY they should pay a bit more for your product vs. the low priced competitor?”  Avoid the price war and learn new ways to increase the value of your Gold’s Gym offering. 

This engaging presentation will take attendees through several strategies and initiatives implemented by the Hudson Valley Gold’s Gym Organization (HVGG), with locations in Newburgh, Fishkill, and Poughkeepsie (LaGrange), NY.  HVGG has received several prestigious local and national awards, including ’07 Franchisee of the Year, ’09 Best GGX Program, and ’10 Best Member On-Boarding Program. 

A testimonial from Lori Lowell:

Don Murphy’s delivery is exceptional.  His tactics with dealing with a low cost competitor comes from a place of experience and success.  He nailed his presentation by giving sound information in the “how to’s” when dealing with a low cost competitor and took it to another level by discussing the power of differentiation and delivering outstanding “member experience” to ensure the credibility of our product. 

Don’s presentation walks you through the “how to” steps in detail with fantastic delivery and articulation.  A webinar that is a must!  Planet Fitness opened up across the street from our Downtown Milwaukee location.  I was extremely concerned and nervous.  We are beating them!  I’m not as concerned anymore.   Matter in fact – Planet Fitness – Bring it on!  Don greatly helped us determine our steps to ensure success.


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