Franchisees Making Fundamental Changes … Will You Change Too?

by Ginger Collins, GGFA Executive Director

In the past two months, the GGFA hosted four regional workshops that became a phenomenal experience. You’ve heard and read the testimonials and accolades from Franchisees and suppliers who attended.  What you haven’t heard are my thoughts from producing these events and observing the results. 

First, I have to thank Blair McHaney for creating and presenting an amazing journey for all of us.  His true nature of believing that education is just as important as air, water and food elevates his peers to a higher level of operations excellence. 

During and after each workshop, I witnessed Gold’s Gym owners do what you do really well!  Get excited and motivated to make innovative changes in your business.  The workshop content proved to be what we need for today to continue the fight tomorrow.  I watched and listened as the results from assigned tasks were produced by each team in each region.  You’ve heard me say it before – there is a certain DNA Gold’s Gym Owners share – and you proved it again.  The findings from region to region were astonishingly similar.  It was very fascinating for me to watch all four events and that sense of pride I always feel when I’m around you enveloped me. 

Now, the “homework” assignments are starting to come in and you have embarked on a mission to make fundamental changes.  These changes will engage your entire organization to advance to a higher level by creating a clear purpose for each of your own team members, who in turn, will deliver an exceptional member experience. 

Stay tuned as this is Part I…..   We’re only getting started!

About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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