March Madness for Gold’s Gym

by Sean Kirby, National Sales Director – ASF International

I love this time of year. College basketball is at its best with the madness that goes along with tournament wins and loses. However, in our industry there is another March Madness.  First quarter sales, traditionally the strongest for any gym, are coming to a close. The thought of the approaching summer months and the cancellations, bad debt and slow paying members that come with them becomes worrisome and maddening for all Gold’s Gym owners. “How am I going to survive another summer?”…”Will the economy hold up long enough to reach my goals or even survive?”…”Better run another special and get as many sales in the door as possible.”…There is another way.

Just three months ago, new members flocked into your gym with dreams and resolutions of becoming healthier, fit and reaching the goal they had set in their mind. This is traditionally the time of year that those members start dropping off the attendance list, losing track of their dreams and realize they’re not reaching that goal. They need help.

This could be the opportune time to get these members involved in some type of group training. Many gyms refer to this differently: large group training, small group, semi private, boot camps, etc. The idea is to get those members refocused, remotivated, set a short-term goal for the summer months, and get them involved in the social aspect of Gold’s Gym. The additional revenue from these training groups now supplements, or replaces, the revenue decline of new sales in the summer months.

“Get ready for golf season”…”Look your best on your summer vacation”…”Spring is here and it will soon be time to wear shorts and tank tops.” Gold’s Gym members can relate to these program ideas, but they need the coaching and instruction to get started. No one likes to go this road alone. That’s why the group aspect is so appealing. The social aspect of our business is still vital for survival. Remember the 90’s when Gold’s Gyms thrived almost like nightclubs?  Back then, a soft economy made it difficult for gyms without substance to survive. Today, the growing Gold’s Gyms are offering the substance of achieving member goals and introducing the social aspect of group training.

Avoid the madness of March. Run your attendance report for members that joined in January and February, and focus on those who have declining attendance. Get in touch with them about your group training, and give them a renewed vision of why they joined Gold’s Gym in the first place.


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