Lead Nurturing for Gyms

by Fred Elias, Director of Business Development – TouchPoint
Visual Fitness Planner

Lead nurturing is not the same as lead management. In our world, an example of lead management would be:  A prospect signs up for a 7-day pass on your website. The sales person makes an attempt to contact the prospect and follows your club’s manual system, which may include a 1-31 approach.  The sales person begins to call the prospect on a frequent schedule which may be every day, or even several times per day until an appointment is made.  After a week or two, and potentially dozens of calls later, the salesperson gives up and moves on to a newer/fresher lead. Here are a couple of critical questions you need to ask yourself: What happens to the lead after it’s been cooled off? What was the experience like for the prospect?

Lead nurturing is the process of cultivating leads/prospects that are not yet ready to buy. Successful lead nurturing anticipates the needs of the buyer based on where they are in the buying process.  Nurturing keeps prospects engaged by providing relevant content (emails and SMS/text) that best fit their health and fitness goals.

If done well, nurturing can build strong Brand loyalty long before a prospect is ready to buy.  By cultivating concealed needs or desires, clubs can increase the conversion of unqualified leads to hot leads and ultimately sell more memberships. Nurturing also helps accelerate the chances with your hot leads by giving them the needed information to make purchasing decisions more quickly.

Lead nurturing is about helping your prospects explore their journey for better health and fitness. Lead nurturing technologies are often used to automate such real-time marketing. This type of software makes it possible to track leads and automate the delivery of content, while simultaneously triggering corresponding actions.

Why Does My Gym Need to Nurture Leads?

Not every prospect is ready to buy now.  In fact, a large club chain has statistics that show out of 100 leads their sales reps engage, 90% will not buy within the first 30 days.  But it’s a mistake to ignore those leads.  After all, 60% of prospects that don’t make a commitment today will go on to buy from you or a competitor within the next 24 months. When they do, you want your club at the top of their short list.

Once prospects are in your sales follow-up cycle, nurturing them with helpful, relevant communication moves potential members through each stage of consideration at a natural pace until they’re ready to join.  Nurturing is the “safety net” for every stage of the buying cycle, helping ensure that no revenue opportunity is missed.

Lead nurturing, as a way to systematically communicate with your prospects, is now available and is only going to become more main stream as time passes.  Finding ways to implement strategies and execute consistently is key.

Finding tools and applications that help you achieve your goal of increasing your conversion rate from lead to appointment, and then of course into members, clients, and ultimately revenue is job number one in the health club industry.  

Please ask yourself, “Do I truly know what is happening to every lead? Do I have a strategy to do long-term follow-up with every lead?”  If you don’t know the answers, ask your peers what they are doing and get a system in place!

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