Get-em’ While They’re Hot!

by  Casey Conrad, BA, JD
GGFA Think Tank

I remember going to the local carnival as a child and really looking forward to a “Doughboy,” which is nothing more than fried dough dipped in sugar! 

Although the thought of it now makes me nauseous, I can vividly hear in my head the old-timer who ran the stand yelling out, “Doughboys, fresh doughboys; get-em’ while their hot.”

Call me twisted but when I think of new members what goes through my mind is “New Member, fresh attitude; get-em’ while their hot!” 

It’s true.  When a new member joins they are most excited about their membership to the club in terms of attitude.  Sure, it may take them a while to actually obtain their fitness goals and realize physical benefits but their enthusiasm for their new program is at an all time high.

This is why the point of sale (POS) is the most optimal time for getting referrals.  Oh, sure, some people in today’s fast paced world may not want to literally give you the phone numbers of their friends but that is only one element to obtaining referrals. 

All too often salespeople are so afraid of getting rejected they don’t even ask for referrals at the point of sale.  This is extremely unfortunate–not only for the already stated reasons but because most people want to validate a purchase, which is accomplished by telling others about their purchase.  Perhaps even more important perhaps this new member needs the support of a friend as a member?

At the very least, by properly presenting your POS referral program to EVERY new member you are setting the stage to let the person know that your business is based on happy members telling others.  This will make referral opportunities in the future more possible.

Casey Conrad, BA, JD, has been in the health and fitness industry for 26 years.  She is the author of numerous club sales and marketing products, including the number one book “Selling Fitness”.  To access her free sales tips and videos please visit  She can be reached at


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