Retention and Member Follow-up are Buzz Words in the Fitness Industry

by Kim Kenyon
Hudson Valley Gold’s Gym Organization

Retention is a number you can increase if the members get engaged in the club from the beginning.  Engaging the members starts at point of sale, qualifying the new members with their needs and goals and providing options to meet their needs and goals. The many different ways to provide these options comes from having a way to integrate new members into the following areas:

  • Fitness Assessment
  • GGX programming
  •  Personal training programing.

These all provide positive reinforcement that they will know what to do and not be lost in the shuffle. This is why Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  is such an important tool for us. This system can help you stay connected with your members even when you don’t see them. It is also fully automated so it’s something that once set up, you just let it work its magic and reap the benefits.

The number of touches your new member receives early on from staff, emails, newsletters and activities in the club, the quicker they will feel like they belong. As we all know it is hard to quit when we feel important and that we belong to a group.

An easy way to start with increasing that retention number is to use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program provided from the marketing department at Gold’s Gym. The CRM program is designed to nurture and retain new members, increase gym usage, distinguish us from our competition and enhance member experience at the gym.

The CRM is a series of emails broken down into different campaigns;  “Strong Start” welcome series, milestone quarterly communications (birthday, member anniversary) and re-engagement campaigns and monthly newsletters.  The different emails feature personalized workouts, nutrition advice, workout tips customized to the member’s goals as well as videos of techniques and coaching tools to optimize workouts.

Having this great tool is the key to the success of your organization and for you to see improved retention. The other key factor is your staff needs to be educated about it.  

A few tips to educate your staff:

  • Create a member time line which includes spelling out the CRM program
  • Educate your staff on the importance of getting an email address for each member
  • Print sample emails for your staff to share with new members at POS to educate the member about the information they will be receiving so they watch for it in their inbox.

As an organization we have been working on closing the back door and over the last 2 years have really seen a great improvement in our retention numbers by putting in place the above items. Launching the new member, getting them involved and communicating to them via CRM is making our members feel like they belong.


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One Response to Retention and Member Follow-up are Buzz Words in the Fitness Industry

  1. I agree that retention starts at the point of sale and continues with consistent follow up throughout the member’s time at the gym. Owners need to be careful that their staff doesn’t become too reliant on emails as the sole method of follow up. There has to be a “human interaction” that goes with it. Nothing can replace the interest and concern of a human voice speaking to the member consistently during their time at your gym. Great ideas!

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