Information Call Show Ratios

by Casey Conrad

I like to mix my sales tips up but I received so many comments and questions after the recent info call tip that I just “have to” re-visit the topic. 
First, you should absolutely be using an information call script with every prospect. 

It keeps you focused and ensures the call is moving towards the goal of setting an appointment.

Second–although you should be using a script and want to book an appointment–you must remember that an appointment is one thing; getting them to show is another.  An appointment will only show if they think you can help them–that your club has the solution they want.    

Third, you can only motivate them with a solution IF YOU KNOW what they want.  This means getting them engaged in a conversation and discovering the specific thing that they WANT from an exercise program.

Do they want to lose weight?  If so, how much?   Do they want to improve their health?  If so, what exactly is their concern?  If they say they just want to get fit, what does that mean to them?

All too often salespeople move for an appointment so fast that they miss this critical step. 

Take this extra minute to discover the caller’s needs and wants and you will build more rapport, create more internal motivation and positively impact your show ratio.

Did you know that the Selling Fitness Training Program has over an hour of video specifically geared for the information call?  This course is THE BEST and most comprehensive in our industry. 

Check it out at

Casey Conrad, BA, JD, has been in the health and fitness industry for 26 years.  She is the author of numerous club sales and marketing products, including the number one book “Selling Fitness”.  To access her free sales tips and videos please visit  She can be reached at


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