by Ginger Collins, GGFA Executive Director

May begins one of my favorite times of the year!  It starts with the Gold’s Gym Challenge submissions and judging week and right behind this signature event, which is co-produced by the GGFA and GGI, comes the Gold’s Gym International Convention in July and then the very special “lodge meeting of the Franchisees”, the GGFA Annual Owners’ Conference in the Fall!  Each of these events is unique and very special. 

But!  The Challenge is all about the members and their success in accomplishing what can seem like the impossible!  So, it’s truly rewarding to be part of the judging process.  I can only imagine how much fun it is at the gym level and how emotions bring very touching moments.  The GGFA staff works relentlessly to prepare for the judges to arrive to initiate the fun.  And everyone involved in this special activity takes the selections as seriously as one might envision.

I thought I would share with you a message I wrote to the judges the day after we completed; as it will help you understand how personal they take their role. 

Judges – I just wish everyone could know your part in all this.  I am always touched by your diligence in making the selections.  Watching your faces while you are intently looking at the before/after pictures and all the numbers is fun for me.  I see you having emotionally intense times when the choice is too difficult to make.  You sincerely agonize over it.  You even cry when you read the testimonials or clench your fists and pound on the wall!  Adam – you were the “observer” and tie breaker and that is hard too.  You would analyze someone tied for 8th place just as much as if they were vying for 1st place!  Dave– Great job in getting this done this year!  You made things clear and managed the process without a flaw. 

So, as the winners celebrate with their gym family…. We too celebrate.  It’s what we are all about… having the passion we do for our members truly supports that we are the best gym brand in the world …

List of judges and other key roles:

GGFA Representation:  Providing Staff Support, Not Judging
Deborah Collins
Marnie Saylor

Ginger Collins
Dave Kenyon

Franchisees – 2 Judges
Gordon Johnson
Chris Palmer

Vendor/Sponsors – 5 Judges
Amy Simpson – Visual Fitness Planner
Kent Stevens  –  Matrix Fitness Systems
Dana Milkie – ABC Financial
Nikki Layke – ABC Financial
Don Ernst – MET-Rx 

GGI Representation – 1 Judge
Dave Reiseman

Independent Observer, Not Judging
Adam Ponzio

I’ll see you all in Vegas!!!  Love to you all!


About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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