Nutrition for Kids

by Dan Young, Founder and President
Performance Food Centers

More and more health clubs are catering to families these days, realizing that one strategy for keeping members includes the whole family.  Many clubs already offer child care, but more and more are carving out valuable real estate for kid’s programs, which can be marketed as a value added luxury to help attract parents to a facility. 

In today’s hectic world, many parents are rushing here and there, too often giving in to the pressures of time, anxious children and/or life.  Parents often give in and find a fast-food joint that will satisfy their child’s hunger – all because they didn’t have time to plan, and no healthy alternative was readily available.

Why do Kids need nutrition?

Because kids are growing, cells are dividing and regenerating at an incredible rate, and the nutrients in food are the building blocks of strong cells. Just imagine this; once upon a time, each and every one of us was all just one cell for about 30 minutes. Then instantly, in the blink of an eye, we divided and then divided again and again; each cell somehow miraculously knowing what its purpose in life would be. One cell would develop into an organ while another dividing from that organ would develop into a gland or a muscle, bone or brain. Until one day some nine months later we are 300 bones, and everything else that makes us human, and…we are born.  Amazing isn’t it?

Some people might think, “Okay, now that is me, I can eat whatever I want; my body will adjust.”  But, cells are not forever, and neither are we. In fact, a cell’s life is just a fraction of your life. Each cell, once created will live a maximum of one year; most of them – far less time.  In fact, 98% of all cells in our bodies will die and regenerate in one to nine months at least once.  Just consider the cells that line your stomach; 50 million of these cells die and are recreated every two days! 

What kids eat today are the bricks and mortar for their adulthood. 

“Well,” a person might ask, “if cells are recreating themselves so fast in children, what difference does it make what they do nutritionally, they’re going to grow up regardless, right?  Not so. The simple answer is, “better nutrients create better cells and inferior processed foods create inferior cells.”  The truth is that the decisions we make today for our children will make a big impact on the rest of their lives.  That’s why teaching your members about proper nutrition for the whole family now can make a difference and help everyone stay healthy for life.  As a health club owner, you have the opportunity to truly make a difference. 

Eat Well and help your members.

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