Trainer and Client – The Ultimate Dynamic Duo

by Annie Redding, Business Development Manager wants to hear YOUR Dynamic Duo story!
(click on the “Trainer & Client” banner to submit your story TODAY)

Batman and Robin.

Jordan and Pippen.

Han and Chewy.

Montana and Rice.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Some of the greatest teams throughout history have been Dynamic Duos – epic partnerships that redefined success and synergy.  The power of teamwork has always amazed me throughout my life, and one of the best examples of this is the trainer and client relationship.

Trainers pushing clients to achieve and exceed their goals…….

Clients driving as hard as they can to transform and become who they want to be…… 

We’ve all seen people accomplish goals they never thought possible with the inspiration, motivation, encouragement, knowledge and drive that their trainers help instill in them. At the same time, we’ve seen clients push their trainers harder and harder to become more educated and creative. As one goal is achieved, another goal is set. The results are incredible, and the truly special stories couldn’t be achieved without a team working seamlessly to get better.

I’m always inspired when I read feedback from customers regarding the fitness goals they have achieved or the weight that they have lost.  If they don’t specify, I often wonder… Did they have a workout partner?  Did they work with a personal trainer?  I’d be willing to bet that nine times out of ten there is someone pushing them and encouraging them to keep going and we want to hear those stories!!!

We are asking YOU to help us spread the word on WHY working with a personal trainer is so beneficial.  Tell us exactly how your personal trainer teamed up to accomplish their client’s goal, and we’ll do the rest.  There’s no better way to boost a client’s confidence and your personal trainer’s business.  For the dynamic duo in your gym, it’s their time to shine!

Go to and tell us your story.   We’ll be featuring a number of stories on our site for millions of viewers to see.  Let the success that has been found in your gym inspire others!

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