Are You Ready For Objections?

by Casey Conrad
GGFA Think Tank Member

Any time I am asked to give a seminar on overcoming objections the room is packed. 

It’s kind of ironic for me because I believe that if you have done all the other steps to the sales presentation correctly you won’t get objections that often.  Of course, that is easier said than done–especially if you are newer to sales.

But whether new or a veteran there is no denying that you need to be ready to deal with objections because they happen.  You can have the best club and give the greatest tour and you will still hear them.  Not only is it human nature for people to procrastinate but also every prospect makes decisions in a unique way and sometimes that means they need time to process.

Here’s the good news.  In our industry you will hear the exact same objections over and over again. 

  • Money
  • Time
  • Spouse
  • Don’t want a commitment
  • Shop around

These are the “big 5.” 

I want to think about it” is just a smoke screen to one of the other objections.

My question is, “Do you have a script for dealing with each and every one of those situations?”  If the answer is no then you’re in trouble.  Pull out your sales scripts or grab a book or video and simply memorize the basic sequence you will follow when someone says to you, “Gee, that seems kind of expensive.”

And if you are thinking, “But scripting sounds so robotic–so canned,” then you simply have not memorized the script well enough to make it your own and NOT sound like a used car salesperson!

With any job you learn strategies for successfully dealing with common situations.  Dealing with objections is no different.

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