Cracking the Gym Code: Make More Money with Nutrition

by Neal Spruce, Founder & CEO of dotFIT

You have to believe that if your staff rallies around an integrated nutrition offering, your business is immediately more successful and will become far more valuable. If you believe that, you simply need to integrate nutrition into existing offerings. Make it part of your club’s DNA and fold it into your current accountability system.

Dilemma: I have never met anyone in the fitness industry who didn’t think nutrition should be a part of what they deliver. Nor have I ever met anyone who thought selling a membership for nothing more than a room full of equipment was the “right thing”. So it seems natural to sell the complete solution to a customer’s goal. This obviously includes the remaining 23 hours of the day, thus nutrition planning, since what the member puts back in their body is 100% responsible for what happens to it after exercise. Wrong diet, wrong result, high probability of a lost customer. And we should get more money for something so important to achieving fitness goals.  Summary: we know we want and need to provide nutrition, and we should get more money by delivering it, but most gym owners don’t know how to achieve either.

Facts: Ninety percent of health club owners don’t sell what they recognize as necessary. Some may pretend to offer nutrition by having something related but it never becomes part of the club’s DNA so the value add is nil. Others don’t offer nutrition at all for various minor reasons, such as staff resistance or indifference, believing it’s not their domain, fear of supplements, might be distracting from membership sales or process of integration is perceived as complex, staff dictates what they want to sell or perform, etc. BUT the common reason for both these groups is that they don’t know how to make more money with nutrition – PERIOD. If they did, they would offer it because this would be the epitome of a win, win, win. The owner gets to do the “right thing,” make more money, and far more customers get to their goals, making their business more valuable.   Summary: if you could offer nutrition and significantly increase the top & bottom line, you would do it.

Solution: Copy what’s already been proven successful. Integrate simple but authentic nutrition into personal training and group x with accountability. Clubs can sell exactly what they want by supplying the resource & holding people accountable for selling what they deem important to business, and that’s the way it should be. Memberships are the primary focus with exercise/personal training and group x generally becoming the next priority in sales. Both usually have accountability tied to them in the form of hourly pay, bonuses, commissions, being let go for non-production, etc. If you include nutrition into accountability you get the same result: nutrition-related sales as you want/budget them. And as long as you drop it into a current accountability bucket such as PT and GGX bonus structures, you will have no distractions and you’re guaranteed sales.  Summary: make nutrition part of what the trainers and instructors deliver and hold them accountable.

Please join us on Thursday, August 16 at 1:00 Eastern Time for our webinar:  “How Incorporating Nutrition into PT/GGX Impacts the Bottom Line” 


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