How do you promote Group Fitness through Social Media?

by:  Lori Lowell, Gold’s Gyms of Virginia and Wisconsin
President of Group Fitness Solutions, LLC

Well, at this stage of the game, our group fitness department completely rules our facebook pages and in abundance.  At any given time instructors and members are writing comments about classes.  Instructors who pack their classes are the ones communicating via facebook encouraging our members to come to class with inspiring messages and fun challenges.  Members make all kinds of comments; if they will be there, how excited they are to come to class, and also comment after class expressing how much they loved class and/or how challenged they were.  It is a true social opportunity to make members feel like they “belong” and it works. 

Social Media is the main communication tool for our Group Fitness Director and Instructors.  We even post when a class is canceled or who an emergency sub may be.  Our members rely on our facebook pages to see what is going on, any new information and changes, etc.  We frequently post special deals or coupons to be printed out for members to bring in which also includes buddy passes or refer a member deals. 

If this is not currently happening in your club have a meeting with the group fitness director giving guidelines for becoming more involved in facebook and how to post comments, changes, specials, or any pertinent information regarding the group fitness department.  It will go a long way and members certainly appreciate being kept up to date.  Make your group fitness content fun, engaging and interactive and watch your participant numbers grow.  We have found it very helpful to have an employee that focuses on the facebook pages, north social and all social media.  This person can teach the other employees how to become involved and make the most of what is available to them.  Make your facebook page the “go to” place.

Let me know if you need someone to help you set up your facebook page.

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