Does Your Management Style Inspire Others in Your Health Club

by  Jim Thomas, President
Fitness Management & Consulting

Do you inspire your club employees? In working with many different types of clubs across the country, we see varying styles… that of being very demanding… all the way to the style of ignoring everyone and hoping things will improve.

Have you been a bit too comfortable with things in your club? A little success apathy perhaps? Uninspiring health club managers often need to get back on course and pick things up a notch or two. Big changes may not be necessary, just ridding yourself of the success apathy that may have snuck in and regaining your focus may be all you need.

We see manager’s all the time that will openly reject the idea that they need to inspire anyone else. We have one simple answer for those folks… if you don’t really believe you ought to inspire other people to do their best work in your club, you should not be a manager.

The reality is… this is a key function of any health club manager role. It’s not just a nice thing to do – it’s a requirement for the long-term success of your club. Inspiring club staff is a requirement because managers are responsible for maximizing performance and staff retention – and uninspired health club employees don’t do their best work. As a manager, you want to create an environment that allows a motivated person to act.

So with all that said, here are some simple management ideas that will help you to inspire other people.

  1. Have courage. When health club managers demonstrate      courage, this will inspire others to do the same and they will respect you      all the more. Do the right thing. You’re not looking for their friendship      as much as your want their respect.
  2. Take a stand. Let your staff know what you think and      why. Be open. The most inspiring club managers have a strong vision for      how things ought to be.
  3. Say no to in-club politics. Most people grow really      tired of day-to-day club politics. Many of your people on staff would      gladly follow and respect a manager who rejected the muddy waters – even if      they did not agree with you all the time. Rise above it.
  4. Listen more, and speak less. You’ve heard this one      before, but it’s true. Show your club staff that you value their input.      This applies to your direct reports, members and peers – show them your respect.      The best way to do this? Ask questions. Ask their opinion.
  5. Commit to beat your goals and don’t rest until you      do. Club Managers who are OK with mediocre performance (even if they can      make the case that it’s not their fault) are uninspiring to be around.      People want to work for successful managers. It’s about results, not      excuses.
  6. Have empathy. Spend time in their shoes. In fact,      swap places with your staff every now and then. (Might even be a good      contest idea.) Show them you want to understand what their health club      world looks and feels like. You will learn a lot… and so will they.
  7. Don’t flaunt success. OK, so you earned the      promotion to manager. Don’t flaunt your success… it will separate you from      your team. Think about how you felt when you were in their positions. Try      to spread the wealth on great personal and professional experiences like      health club conferences and conventions, specialized training programs,      certifications and other opportunities.
  8. Represent your staff’s needs to ownership and with      your peers. Take the initiative to make things better for your staff. You      staff should know that they could count on you. This will speak volumes      about your intention to serve your staff and this is very inspiring. The      greatest leaders are the greatest servants.
  9. Be the best expression of your own unique style. We      are all different; so don’t turn into a health club clone. Be the      classiest version of you possible.
  10. Decide to be inspired by others. Share your role      models and why they inspire you. Sharing your own personal stories of      inspiration will inspire others.

Ready. Set. Go Inspire your Staff!

Jim Thomas’ Fitness Management & Consulting

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