When Your Club is a Team, Everyone Wins!

by  Ross Stensrud, Chief Marketing Officer
Interactive Fitness

That’s the idea behind the Gold’s Gym Top 100, where clubs compete as virtual cycling teams each month on their Expresso bikes.  This new program is buzzing, not just because the prize is big (1st place in December will win a shiny new Expresso bike, normally $6,999) but because of just how motivating it can be for members and staff.

The Expresso bikes are virtual reality based and internet connected.  They report calories and performance to the cloud which means your club can see where you stand at any given moment compared to others on the Interactive Fitness website.

The Top 100 got its unofficial start this September after The Works Family Health and Fitness Center and The Beverly Athletic Club in New England challenged each other to see who could ride the farthest ahead of their annual conference.  The stakes were high, as the loser had to admit defeat by wearing the jersey of their opponent at the conference.

The results were incredible!  Each club pedaled over 10,000 miles and saw an increase in participation of 250% from the previous month.  Members started bringing in friends and spouses to ride for their teams.  People were coming in on the weekends so they didn’t miss a workout.  In the end, there could only be one winner, but both clubs praised the program as a huge success.

The Top 100 officially launched just this month and clubs are already starting to build some really cool programs around it.  Over this past weekend Timberline Fitness in Houston, held a 24 hour ride-a-thon where at least one person was pedaling all night long.  They jumped from 9th place to 1st overall after burning over 60,000 calories in one day!  Most clubs are now printing leaderboards and posting them daily for motivation to try to catch Timberline!

In December, Interactive Fitness and the GGFA will host the Gold’s Gym Top 100 – Holiday Giveaway where the club who’s members and staff burn the most calories/bike will win a brand new Expresso bike.  We’re thrilled with the program and we hope to hear your success stories as well.  All Gold’s Gyms with bikes can participate, so start training or if you don’t yet have bikes in your club, call Interactive Fitness to get set up ahead of the challenge.

Gold’s Gym 100 Leader Board:  click here

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About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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