Gold’s Gym Challenge Video Blog #2: Taking Measurements

by Dave Kenyon, Gold’s Gym Hudson Valley

The first flight of the 2013 Gold’s Gym Challenge will launch January 2nd!  To be prepared,  Dave Kenyon has recorded a short, “how to” video on his best practices when it comes to taking measurements.

Taking Measurements scree shot

Click on the picture to the left of the link below to view the video.

As a reminder:

Be sure the tape is always kept level and snug but not so snug that it compresses against the skin too much.

Waist – measure AT belly button keeping the tape measure level around the entire circumference.

Hips – From the side, have the member stand with their feet together. Place the tape around the widest point of the glutes.

Right thigh – Have the member stand with their right side facing the employee/personal trainer with their feet about 12 inches apart. Wrap the tape around the thigh just below the right glute.

Use an accurate and tested scale to measure their weight.

You MUST register your team.  You can do this through the GGFA website (’sGymChallenge tab  or click here to go directly to the team registration link.

Gold’s Gym Challenge Support: 

For more information, or answers to questions, contact via phone or email:

Dave Reiseman, Gold’s Gym International

Deborah Collins, Gold’s Gym Franchisee Association (GGFA)

Amy Simpson, Visual Fitness Planner


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