The 2013 Gold’s Gym Challenge: We Have Them Started, Now What?

by Dave Kenyon, Gold’s Gym Hudson Valley

bannerSo you have the challenge started and you feel really good about how it went.  Now stop and ask yourself, have I given these challenge participants all that I can to succeed?   If you answered that question with a yes, then stay in touch with them and see how they do.  If you answered that question with no or I’m not sure than read on.

Let’s start this with why people join a gym in the first place. There is a multitude of answers to this question but without finding the right answer for each and every person that walks through our doors we can’t succeed on the level we want to. And the country gets fatter every day and no one wins!

So let me step down from the soap box and start from the beginning.  If in your sign up process you found out exactly why they joined, then you were able to solve their problem (whatever it was) right then and there and give them what they needed and wanted to succeed.  If you weren’t able to get exactly why they joined out of them at the time they signed up, then you need a second step to get that answer from them so they can succeed. Without knowing this crucial answer –  we are doomed to have massive turnover from lack of results, which is one of the reasons the Gold’s Gym Challenge was created.

We see it every day, the same people coming in, doing the same workout and getting nowhere. The Gold’s Gym Challenge is their answer!  So now that we have them signed up for it, what are we doing to help them?  One of the things we do is we “make” every Challenge person sit with our Fitness Coach and create a game plan for the 12 weeks. This has been incredibly successful as the Fitness Coach finds out why the person wants to change, then talks with them about a realistic plan of action for them to see results.

Communicate with them, as often and in as many ways as possible as people like to learn and try new things.  But without us telling them – they will never know.

  1. Facebook, emails, texts, phone calls and saying “hello” to them in the gym are some of the ways to communicate with them.
  2. We have a recipe of the week that sits in our lobby area and a staff person is responsible for changing it every Monday.
  3. We also utilize a Challenge Facebook page.  We have found this to be a fantastic way for us to communicate with them and for them to talk to each other.
  4. We send emails every 3 weeks for Challenge people with new exercises, nutrition topics and other things.
  5. Another great way to communicate is to have each person tagged in your software system so when they check-in, the front desk knows they’re in the Challenge and can ask them how they are doing.

People love to be recognized so do whatever you can to recognize them and they will not only stay members longer they’ll actually change and tell their friends.

VIDEO:  Keeping Them Active Video Tip
YouTube here

VIDEO:  Finishing/Judging Gold’s Gym Challenge Video Tip (click on image)

Dave - keeping them going

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