Smart Renovating

by Fabiano Designs

Rudy Fabiano is hosting a webinar:  “How to Evaluate a Club for
a Successful Renovation” on Thursday, March 7th at 1 pm est.

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Rudy FabianoRenovation is not about aesthetic upgrades only; in fact most successful renovations are about keeping up with programming trends and offering your members the programs and services that they need or want.

–          In short, a renovation is about keeping your facility relevant to your marketplace.

One of biggest mistakes most facility owners make when renovating a club is thinking if you just get your lobby to look good, you will reap huge rewards.

gym picMyth: Just renovate your lobby, and your renovation is complete.
Fact: You need to systematically evaluate the whole facility to bring everything up to a minimum baseline standard to consider the renovation a success.

There are two groups that your clubs renovation will affect. You should consider BOTH                         groups of users that experience your facility.

1. The first group is the prospects. They will certainly be enthralled by that new beautiful lobby, and you actually may get new members from the renovation.

2. The second group is the regulars. These are the people that use showers, experience the equipment, and actually see firsthand what’s working and what is not. If you simply just renovate the lobby and don’t invest any resources in upgrading, the programming, experience and flow, they will notice this. They  will become frustrated you are spending resources only on attracting new members and none  delivering better services to your current members, them, and keeping them, happy.

member experienceBe very careful to not fall into this trap. It’s very important that before you renovate, before you get out the sledgehammer, before you order that new cool waterfall kit that’s going to look cool behind your front counter, to take time to systematically look at your whole facility.

In fact, start at your back room and work your way out.

  • What programs are you lacking that your competitors have?
  • Do you have a space for small group training?
  • Does your club offer legitimate spaces for the needs members have?  Spinning two small? or showers too crowed?

If you haven’t  already addressed these items, you are behind the curveball and you might as well bring that waterfall home to your TV room.

Keep in mind that those facilities that do systematically analyze their businesses, their operations, and regularly re-invest, in keeping their facility up to snuff, are the most profitable and successful facilities in the country.

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