The Spirit of Teamwork is Alive in the Gold’s Gym Challenge

by Deborah Collins, GGFA Assistant Director

2013 Challenge Banner Ribbon

Deborah CollinsTeamwork is defined as “a cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause.”

That is what the Gold’s Gym Challenge is all about.  As the teams are rallying around their member contestants completing their 12 week flights, we anticipate them preparing to conduct their local judging, recognizing their winners and preparing to submit their top male and female contestants as a team to complete at the national level.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding this annual competition!  The GGFA is privileged to be part of the process in support of the teams.  Something remarkable has happened this year that is worth sharing.

A member contestant in the final weeks of completing her 12 week flight had to travel out poster 2013of state for a family emergency.  The Team Leader contacted us asking if another team in the area would be willing to allow her to do her final photos, weigh-in and measuring at one of their gyms.

We contacted Jerry McCall, Owner of the gyms in the San Jose, CA area, who also had a registered team.  He was more than willing to support the contestant and discussed it with his management team. The Team Leader for the contestant’s team and a consulting Team Leader met and provided the specs and requirements needed for ease in the process. The contestant traveled a short distance on an agreed day to the designated gym.  There, her weigh in, measurements and photos were taken and submitted back to her Team Leader in her home team location!   We appreciate Jerry and his staff for coming together to support this contestant!

This is real teamwork!  And it’s not the first time this type of need has come up.  Last year, a similar circumstance arose and Team Leaders and Owners came together to serve the need of the member contestant!

What we don’t hear about, or perhaps realize, is the support and camaraderie that exists between the teams.  While they are in competition, they are all united in the spirit of teamwork.

That is the nature of the Gold’s Gym legacy:  Owners and staff working together for a common goal; concentrated focus on the success of each individual gym member; with the overall goal of improving health and confidence.  As local and national judging approach, on behalf of the Committee for the 2013 Gold’s Gym Challenge, we want to express to all of the teams and every member contestant, you are all winners!

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How to Submit for National Judging

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