The Employee Experience

by Blair McHaney, Gold’s Gym Wenatchee
VP Strategic Initiatives for Medallia

Blair McHaney ConventionIn the 1960’s Douglas McGregor (MIT Sloan School of Management) spoke at a conference and outlined Theory X and Theory Y as two different schools of thought on management.

Each theory is based on a set of assumptions.  Each theory can be self-fulfilling on those assumptions if deployed under the right circumstances.  X assumes that people are lazy, don’t want to work, need constant supervision and can’t be trusted.  These assumptions lead to clearly defined piecework where people are not asked to “think” and in fact thinking may even be discouraged.  This can lead to lower labor costs but very high turnover.   Theory X may work when training and onboarding employees, is quick, easy, anyone can fill the positions, and there is no real need to differentiate on customer experience.  Oh, one more thing – leadership has to be OK providing an unfulfilling workplace.

Y assumes that people want to contribute, do a great job, be self-directed, be able to theory x and ydevelop, like to win, and are generally trustworthy.  These assumptions lead to more responsibility, less piecework driven and more results driven, and lower employee turnover.  Theory Y is best used when differentiation is a key part of strategy and people are a key to your customer experience.  But then again, when aren’t they?

Since the 1960’s both theories have been tested for how they support profitability and long-term company value.   In more recent years, studies show that customer-centric companies that are considered to have great cultures and very high employee engagement are materially out-pacing their competitors.

But how do you deliver a great employee experience?  What are the signs that you have evolved to a place where you are optimizing the employee experience?  This year’s GGFA Regional Workshops are focused on the processes that lead to great employee experience.

Our agenda will include a self-assessment of current processes, hiring for cultural fit, creating a cultural “balance sheet”, employee development, and building team connectivity.

You can expect to leave with a “road map” for optimizing your employee experience.

You should attend if you believe in and are willing to work toward differentiating on customer experience, if you believe that a better employee experience leads to a better customer experience, and if you want to reduce employee turnover.

Register for a GGFA Regional Workshop:

5/31/13 – NE – Hyatt Regency Jersey City
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Hotel Reservations:  Call 1-888-421-1442 Ask for the GGFA Group Rate (expires May 8th)

6/21/13 – West – Hotel Bellevue
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Hotel Reservation:  Call 425-454-4424 / Ask for the GGFA Group Rate (expires June 14th)

8/9/13 – Central –  Loc TBD
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8/23/13 – SE – JW Marriott Buckhead Atlanta GA
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