How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

by Sarah BarrettSarah Barrett logo

Sarah Barrett apr 2013If you have a low “engagement” metric for your Facebook page, you are missing out on a tremendous amount of value.  You may even have low engagement and not even realize it!

Here’s how to measure your engagement, and then some steps to take to boost your engagement so you can start seeing the benefits it can bring you.

Look on your business Facebook timeline and right below the cover photo, and you will see two numbers – your total page “likes” and right next to it, your “talking about this”.

Now do this math:

talking about this   x 100  =  your engagement metric

Most social media managers will tell you the engagement metric should be at least 6% in order for your Facebook page to be minimally effective.  In my experience, your engagement metric needs to be at least 10% to generate significant results, and the higher it goes the more ROI you can generate from your Facebook page.  Gold’s Gym West GA’s Facebook page has an engagement of over 15% currently.  (Link to their Facebook page:

If your engagement metric is low, here’s some steps you can take to increase it:

  1. Post more often.  Make sure you are posting once or twice a day.  Even on weekends and holidays!
  2. Make sure your posts are not primarily about your business. Social media is about being social, not about advertising.  When you promote your services too much, you are not interesting to your audience.  Your audience wants to engage with interesting pages.  Don’t underestimate the value of sharing health education, nutrition tips, motivational quotes, healthy recipes, humor and fun — you are making significant impressions on your audience when you are genuinely social.
  3. Keep it short and sweet.  A few words or a sentence or two is the most you need to post at a time.  If you write a paragraph, people won’t read it.
  4. Post photos of real people.  You will be surprised how much your audience loves seeing photos of your staff and even of your members.  Post happy birthday messages to your staff; post before and after pictures of consenting members; post congratulatory messages to staff and members for accomplishments.

Once you master these basic engagement rules, you can go on to the next levels of engagement strategies, which will start to generate some awesome results for you!

Contact me at or message me at to find out how I can help you bring more customers to your business through social media!

Sarah Barrett is a communications expert for business leaders. She has ghost-written articles, blogs, presentations, curriculum, health programs and an e-book for many clients including two NY Times best-selling authors, medical doctors, various business, health and fitness leaders, and internationally renowned fitness brands.  Sarah blogs and writes as herself under the brand Social Media Sarah.

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