The Difference That Matters…

By Ginger Collins
GGFA Executive Director

Ginger Summer picFirst, I have to tell you what a tremendous privilege the GGFA staff considers being the Gold’s Gym Challenge processing agent each year.  This signature event is a wonderful joint effort between the GGFA and GGI.  It truly is something that we work on throughout the year together and it supports the belief we all share that our Brand is special.  Very special. 

Last week after the submission deadline, the diligent care that Deborah Collins and Marnie Saylor displayed all week long shows you that this is part of our higher purpose.  Author of “The Strategist”, Cynthia Montgomery says that purpose is what generates the difference that matters…  And the Challenge “purpose” does just that.  It’s just so dang cool to do something that matters.

I have to give a quick background of how this started.  Blair McHaney, Franchisee in Wenatchee WA, began his own Challenge successfully in 2002.  He continued to do this on his own until he dared Bill Austin in Hudson Valley to oppose him.  They both put up their money and that’s really what started it all.  It organically grew to 11 Franchisees in 2007.  That was the first year we hosted the judging in our office.

And the rest really is history!  This year, the teams had over 15,000 contestants from 267 gyms that participated!  The judging has become very sophisticated over the years but still one element that will never change is the emotion the judges feel and demonstrate as they view every single finalist from every single team.  Honestly, you can get goose bumps from seeing members’ results and tears flow when you read the testimonials.  And it gets tough, believe me!  Once it’s over, the judges and observers feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that they were a big part of “the difference that matters”.

And I, well…. I have the honor and thrill of contacting the Franchisees who have winners.  So, if you see my number on your cell May 16th in the late afternoon, TAKE MY CALL!!!!!

A special thanks to the judges and sponsors below:

Bobby Austin – Met-Rx
Sean Jameson – ABC Financial
Gordon Johnson – Gold’s Gyms Douglasville & West Cobb GA
Annie Morley –
Chris Palmer – Gold’s Gym Suwanee GA
Adam Ponzio – Gold’s Gyms Hamilton Mill & Lawrenceville GA
Dave Reiseman – Gold’s Gym International
Nikki Roe – ABC Financial
Amy Simpson – Visual Fitness Planner
Kent Stevens – Matrix Fitness

The 2013 Gold’s Gym Challenge Sponsors:


PrintBodybuilding full size




The GGFA is heard and respected as the unified voice of all franchisees. We are involved in all decisions that affect our brand and the franchisees. It is our goal to secure Gold’s Gym as the most profitable franchising opportunity in the fitness industry and the number one fitness brand in the world.

We serve as advocates for all franchisees to help them maximize the profitability and
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About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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