4 Facebook Mistakes Many Businesses Make

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Jenny LeMieuxThink about the businesses you notice on Facebook that seem to be doing social media well. What businesses do you enjoy reading posts from? What businesses have you grown to like and trust more since following them on Facebook?

Most importantly, would people name your business when asked these questions? Here are 4 Facebook mistakes you don’t want to make.

1. Don’t think your Facebook page isn’t as important as your website. Remember back fifteen years ago when many businesses didn’t think they really needed a website? Today, having a website is equivalent to having the big OPEN sign above your door turned on — it’s a standard in the business world no matter how large or small your business.

Facebook pages are the same way. If your business doesn’t already have an active and engaging Facebook business page (not just a “place” to use for checking in), those 1.1 billion people on Facebook might think you’re closed!

2. Don’t mistake the power of Facebook advertising. When was the last time you read the classifieds in the newspaper? Or the last time you actually read your “junk” mail? Or even the last time you WATCHED a commercial during your favorite show? Businesses, large and small, are looking for effective ways to spend their advertising dollars. Your business can advertise on Facebook for as low as a $1/day. AND you can target that advertising budget to a specific zip code, age demographic, even hobbies, interests and any number of targeted categories available.

3. Don’t miss out on hundreds or thousands of your best customers. Facebook is where the consumers are at – several times a day! Some statistics report that an average Facebook user checks their Facebook News Feed on his/her phone 14 times per day. Yep – that’s not a typo – 14 times per day! Now YOU may not be doing that and your friends may not admit they are checking that often, but millions of people are. Why are they checking their News Feed so often? Because it is fun, interesting and powerfully compelling!

4. Don’t let the Facebook algorithms bury your page. Facebook is in charge of when your fans see your posts, so updating your page daily is imperative. There is A LOT of important information available about what makes your posts visible to your fans. Paying for Facebook ads is the #1 way to keep your posts visible to your fans. The next best thing you can do is post on your Facebook page daily, and be sure to post things that keep your audience engaged – likes, comments and shares all count for something of great value in the Facebook world!

If you need help updating your business’s Facebook page daily so you can optimize your fan engagement and use the power of social media to grow your business, call me today. I’ll put together a powerful social media strategy for your business.

Jenny LeMieux is a self-proclaimed Facebook addict. She stays current on Facebook marketing trends and strategies by attending seminars held by individuals listed in Forbes magazine’s Top 50 Social Media Influencers. She has helped several business owners transform their Facebook page and increase fan engagement resulting in positive growth for their companies. She can be contacted at Jenny@blbusinessconsulting.com.


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