3 Steps to Get New Customers Using Facebook

by Sarah Barrett, Barrett LeMieux Business Consulting

Sarah Barrett apr 2013You should never have a Facebook business page just to have it. If it isn’t generating customers for you, you’re not doing it right!

If you have a solid social media strategy, your social media platforms are tools that attract new leads for your business. Once you capture these new leads, it’s important to keep making compelling impressions on them so they will eventually turn into customers.

So how do you turn Facebook leads into customers?

FB talking about thisStep 1: Keep your Facebook page engaging and active. The “talking about this” metric is your first indicator of your page engagement. If your “talking about this” is at least 10% of your total page likes, you’re on the right track. Your “talking about this” goal should be 20% or more. (I have a client right now who’s “talking about this” that is 57%!)

To keep your Facebook page engaging, you must post at least once a day during peak times for your audience (this includes holidays and weekends), keep the posts short and sweet, use lots of photos and post content that is interesting to your audience. When you promote your services too much, you are not interesting to your audience. Your audience wants to engage with interesting pages, and remember, what is interesting to you may not be interesting to your audience.

Don’t underestimate the value of sharing advice, humor, positive thoughts and education – all of which should relate to your industry most of the time. When you are genuinely social and relevant, you are making significant and valuable impressions on your audience.

Step 2: Promote your expertise. Determine more than one way you can showcase your expertise. Can you use blogs, articles, webinars, events, videos? For example, if you write a blog that gives advice to your ideal client, be sure to share a link on Facebook. If you can offer a webinar on a hot topic for your target audience, promote the webinar on Facebook. Oftentimes, if you include a powerful call to action, your blog and webinar will convert leads into customers.

FB offersStep 3: Post an offer. Now it’s time to “sell” your product or service. Determine what you would like to “offer” your Facebook customers. Is it a coupon or discount? Is it a free consultation or gift with purchase? Whatever you come up with, it is very important to make sure it applies to your audience. For example, if your audience is mostly made up of current clients, the offer should be in the form of an “up-sell” or “add-on.”

I like to use the Facebook offer tool because it has worked very well for my clients. There are other 3rd party tools that work well too.

Contact me at sarah@blbusinessconsulting.com or message me at http://www.facebook.com/socialmediasarah to find out how I can help you bring more customers to your business through social media!

Sarah Barrett is a communications expert for business leaders. She graduated from GA Tech with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Sarah spent five years working in Labor Operations at Walt Disney World, the largest single-site employer in the United States. Sarah executed creative labor strategies to optimize labor costs for over 50,000 employees. She has since worked as a consultant applying her labor and engineering expertise to small and mid-size businesses.

Sarah blogs and writes as herself under the brand Social Media Sarah. Her social media advice has been published in several online and in-print business blogs and magazines. As a strategy manager and consultant for several social media clients, Sarah has proven her effectiveness in using social media to attract leads, create brand enthusiasm and generate powerful fan engagement that delivers an ROI.


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