Gold’s Gym Website: GGAAC Perspective

Gordon Johnson Conventionby Gordon Johnson
GGAAC Chairman
Gold’s Gym of Douglasville and West Cobb GA

I am writing to you as chairman of the GGAAC with the intent of providing some information about the Gold’s Gym website which, to say the least, has recently been a major frustration to all of us and we all want it up and running.

All of you want to know when it will be operating properly and have some assurance that the GGI team is fully engaged. I have been in close touch with Matt Holder, Director of Digital Marketing, and director of the conversion. I can testify that Matt and his team are fully engaged with our vendors to get everything working. What I am communicating today is strictly from a lay perspective and is my understanding of what is transpiring.

The priorities of the project team are to immediately improve the speed of both the consumer-facing website and the back-end CMS, to properly portray group fitness classes and amenities, and to enable receiving accurate VIP passes.

airline terminalWithin this project, there are seven servers, managed by different pieces of equipment. The servers, data and cross connection between these servers are hosted by Rackspace, a large cloud computing company. Rackspace serves over 100,000 companies and in my thinking is like an airline terminal, linking passengers (data) and airplanes (servers). It is probable that the website may not have sufficient gates (capacity) at Rackspace or congestion in between terminals to provide service on a timely basis. Therefore, passengers are missing planes, getting on wrong planes, planes are leaving late and arriving late. As of last Friday, GGI secured a dedicated Rackspace team charged with investigating and recommending changes to the servers to clear the congestion and improve site performance. Over the weekend, Rackspace began their investigation and recommended several adjustments which will take place today (Monday) and Tuesday.

dataOnce the data can flow quickly, correctly and efficiently between servers then the frustrations of losing data, getting locked out of the CMS, long delays completing guest passes, extraneous information finding its way onto the pages – then these difficulties can be cleared up on a one-on-one basis.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the marketing department will have a webinar to clear up some of the problems that all of us are having and to instruct on proper use of the Content Management System (CMS). Watch for the announcement when it will be scheduled.

I know that this blog is not satisfying your need to know when the website will be properly working but I hope that my amateurish attempt to explain the nature of the logjam will give you some satisfaction that the ‘key log” in the logjam has been identified. Knowing what is causing the problems only became known in the last few days and it took a lot of management capital to get Rackspace to assign an effective team to solve the problem.

Hopefully, once sufficient capacity at Rackspace is made available, the project team can rapidly improve the website.


About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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