Suspension Training… Add a new revenue stream to your club

by: Chelsea Kintzer, SPRI Products, Inc.

SPRI_colorDumbbells, barbells, exercise bands, medicine balls, etc…. are all great mainstay exercise tools used in the gym, however, using your very own body weight to workout can provide a great compliment to more traditional forms of exercise training while adding another key revenue source to a clubs’ overall bottom line.

Gyms, health clubs and studios are now incorporating suspension exercise workouts into their personal training sessions, circuit training, boot camp and small group exercise classes.  A very popular form of body weight training is now offered through the use of various suspension trainer products.  This product consists of a sturdy adjustable strap that is anchored overhead to a piece of exercise equipment or dedicated ceiling anchor.  Handles are located at the ends of the straps for more upper extremity focused exercises, with foot loops that extend beyond the handle area for lower extremity focused exercises.  This suspension trainer style of body weight conditioning allows you to use just the right amount of your body’s weight against gravity to provide the most effect load.  By simply shortening or lengthening the strap length you are able to work with a greater or lesser amount of your body weight, making it ideal for exercise enthusiast of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.

spri blogSuspension training feels very natural to the body and its joints and muscles.  Many find this style of training to be less intimidating and agreeable to the body and how it is designed to move and function.   This integrated form of training not only targets the primary muscles, but also the secondary muscles and deep stabilizer muscles.  The added bonus of body weight training is the constant activation and sustained recruitment of the entire core muscle region.

Body weight training workouts are not only an excellent form of general muscle strength/endurance conditioning but are also the training of choice for developing speed and agility, MMA training, strongman competition, obstacle racing, tri-training, core conditioning, muscle flexibility and joint mobility and much more.

So if your club members and clients are seeking a fun and challenging compliment to their exercise routines, personal training session, small group training classes, interval conditioning and boot camp circuits that is easy to set up, inexpensive and requires minimal equipment choose to  train “the” body “with” the body.

About the Author:

Chelsea Kintzer is a 2013 University of Illinois Graduate of the School of Kinesiology


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