YOU Really Are The Difference That Matters! Reflections of the 2013 Owners’ Conference

By:  Mike Epstein, GGFA President & Ginger Collins, GGFA Executive Director

Mike Epstein ConventionThis year’s GGFA Owners’ Conference was our most inspiring event yet. With record setting attendance from our franchisees and supplier partners this year’s conference was our largest, but maintained that intimate feeling that it is known for.

Some of the key highlights of our 2 day event included:

Day 1 was all about “Owning the Middle” and featured a very thought provoking presentation from our keynote speaker, noted author and Harvard Professor Cynthia Montgomery. Delivering on target messages and case studies from her book The Strategist, Cynthia challenged us about who we are and what our purpose is as Gold’s Gym. She gave everyone in the room something to think about and to work on.

Directly from Cynthia’s work, the GGFA is already hard at work putting together a “Strategy Wheel” which we started discussing immediately at the conference during our Table Chat Sessions.

We had several presentations about “The Middle Position” from our good friends Rick Caro and Pete Moore, who bring an industry perspective to everything we do. Our own panel of franchisees who presented prior to Cynthia brought the middle position to life with real world discussion, stats and examples that everyone could relate to.

Day 2 which is our internal business day, gave us the opportunity to speak as franchisees to each other about important aspects of our businesses and being a part of the Gold’s Gym family. It’s great to speak with and listen to our fellow franchisees as there is no group more talented, passionate and caring in the industry.

Throughout both days our supplier speed sessions were a big hit and gave us a chance to speak in a very personal setting to our partners.

Networking, sharing information and ideas are always an important part of the conference and this year you could feel the camaraderie amongst our franchisees in the air.

The Gold’s Gym family is alive and well and the GGFA Owners’ Conference is a direct reflection of that!

We are already planning next year’s conference so please mark your calendars to be back in NYC on September 22-23 2014!!! I look forward to seeing you there!

Mike Epstein, Gold’s Gym Paramus, NJ


Ginger Summer picA “Lodge Meeting” is when people settle in a place for safeguarding and preservation.  And that’s why the Annual Owners’ Conference has become known as the “Franchisees’ Lodge Meeting”.  This year’s gathering further supported the belief that we love getting together for many purposes.  First, we are a family… a tribe.  Meaning that we speak the same language and there’s common character and principles shared among us all.  There is certainty that we share what we know to be true and even NOT true – and want the best for each of us.  That’s for owners AND the suppliers who are members and part of our clan.

Coming together we remember the past AND we produce new memories to talk about in the years to come.  We learn together and provide honest feedback to help make what we do better.  Whether it is promoting best practices for The Challenge, questioning what the most important KPI’s are in the P&L or what the most critical metrics number is in calculating where your revenue comes from with your members.  Together, we can craft a better business and a more secure and comfortable life.

And have you ever noticed that people not in our tribe, WANT to be in it.  This statement conveys awareness that the GGFA family is special…. But as I always say, it’s in the DNA.

Thank you all for helping to make the 2013 Annual Owners’ Conference so successful.  You are simply the best.

Ginger Collins, GGFA Executive Director


About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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