Facebook Tips and Tricks to Have in Your Back Pocket

by:  Sarah Barrett, Social Media Sarah

Sarah Barrett logoHere’s a quick breakdown of some of our favorite Facebook tips & tricks that are always good to have in your back pocket:

  1. How to link Facebook to Twitter: Go to www.facebook.com/twitter and setup your business’s Facebook page to send posts directly to your business’s Twitter account.
  2. How to target your Facebook ads and promoted posts to a specific zip code: From your laptop or desktop, set up an ad or promoted post and choose to “Target” the audience based on criteria you select.  Once you choose that option, you should be able to choose “Location” and enter zip codes or a city (and a specific radius around that city such as 10 miles, etc.).  This is best used for businesses that provide a service to a specific geographic location like a gym or physician, etc.
  3. How to effectively promote your blog on Facebook:  First, be sure your blog shares valuable information, so your audience will feel it was worth the time to read it.  It should be short and easy-to-read (like this one!), and be sure it has a compelling title that compels someone to want to click on the link to read more.  Never post a full blog in a Facebook post – only post the title along with your favorite quote or question from the blog, followed by a link to your blog on your website.  This is a great way to get people to go to your website where they can make a purchase, leave their email address, etc.
  4. How to start using hashtags on Facebook: If you’re new to the world of hashtags,hashtags don’t worry – you’re not alone!  We recommend starting small by picking a few hashtags that you can reuse whenever appropriate for your posts.  What topics might your best customer search for? Some ideas are #bestdoctorinorlando or #bestgyminAtlanta; #healthtips or #Ijustlostfivepounds, etc.  An author should use the book title as a hashtag regularly along with topics his or her book is about like #MondayMotivation or #kidswithspecialneedsrock.  Depending on your company name, it might make a nice catchy hashtag too.  For example, #BLBusinessConsulting does not make a great hashtag but we think #SocialMediaSarah has a nice ring to it.
  5. How to set Featured Likes to promote other pages or partners you would like to be associated with:  Sign into your page as the admin.  Go to Edit Page, Edit Settings.  Click on More…in the top menu.  Click Featured.  Add Featured Likes.
  6. How to turn on the Reply feature so you can reply to comments on your page:  This is important because it allows you to be more personal when you reply to a comment by replying directly to a comment.  Otherwise, you are just commenting at the bottom of a string of comments.  Go to Edit Page, Edit Settings, Replies, Allow replies.
  7. How to keep the momentum going for your digital marketing strategy:  Hire a full-service digital marketing expert like Sarah or Jenny to keep the momentum going full speed ahead when you’re focused on other aspects of your biz!

Sarah (8)Sarah Barrett is a communications expert for business leaders. She has ghost-written articles, blogs, presentations, curriculum, health programs and an e-book for many clients including two NY Times best-selling authors, medical doctors, various business, health and fitness leaders, and an internationally-renowned fitness brand. Sarah blogs and writes as herself under the brand Social Media Sarah. She can be contacted at sarah@blbusinessconsulting.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/socialmediasarah.


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