What Do You Need To Know To Succeed In 2014?

by Rick Caro, President Management Vision

Rick CaroIt is typical and logical that all club leaders enter the new year with plans in mind and hopefully translated into a detailed club budget with back-up assumptions and appropriate supportive documents where needed.

Ideally, all would access big-picture information and trends. Then they would try to translate them into their specific marketplace conditions and club dynamics. Industry information would be accessed. Discussions with comparable clubs might ensue. Sometimes, industry consultants are utilized. All members of the club management team and the club company executive team should be directly involved.

Too often, the results are mere tweaks of the previous year. Original thinking does not tredshappen. No one is really studying the trends and adapting the information properly.

The webinar on Wednesday, January 15th (1PM EST) will synthesize what is going on in the club industry and key influences for all to consider. Big-picture consumer trends are highlighted and summarized for their club industry impact. Then key industry assumptions are enumerated. Key demographic data is noted relative to the fitness industry.

key to successThen, 16 key industry takeaways are cited.

The changing market share of the various fitness industry segments are noted. The webinar will then specify major fitness trends within facilities as well as highlighting major programming trends. Then, the webinar will address clubs’ 2014 goals in a wide variety of contexts and will encourage club leaders to focus on missed categories for club operations and success. Finally, the key questions all should ask themselves to make sure the club (or clubs) have their appropriate 2014 scorecards ready for use to help all calibrate success this year.

Each club should have at least one seminar leader attending this webinar on January 15th. We need to be ready to succeed right at the outset.

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Wednesday, January 15th at 1:oo pm est
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