What Makes You Feel Good?

by Ginger Collins, GGFA Executive Director

Ginger Winter PicAll of you know me pretty well. When Marnie told me two weeks ago it was time for me to write another blog, I thought….crapola. With the winter time being my most dreaded time of the year because of the incessant bleak rain, cold and only nine or less hours of daylight, I just didn’t feel inspired. (Caveat – When I was a Franchisee, I LOVED January!)

So, to get motivated, I took 15 minutes and thought about what makes me feel good or happy. But I didn’t want to write about me, I wanted to write about you. So, I asked our Boards, the GGFA Staff and others that question. What makes you feel good? A few were suspicious!… Like Gordon Johnson emailing me right back saying “I don’t trust you”….. However, I received some amazing answers. It really speaks to the fact that it made those who were asked, to stop and think about what to say. It probably brought a good memory to mind or a smile when thinking about it. So, check out the below and why don’t you stop for a minute and think about what makes YOU feel good…. And by the way, reading all the responses made ME feel
helping others

“Fall Colors, Crisp Cool days, Being organized, desert sunsets” – Willy Banos, GGFA Advisory Board Member

“A call from my kids. Warm sunshine on my face. Encouragement from those close to me. The ocean. Physical activity. No loose ends.” – Blair McHaney, GGFA Director Emeritus

“Winning. Changing people’s Lives. Being great as a team. Loving everyone around you. Being at peace. Hard workouts. Family and good friends.” – Mike Krongaard, GGFA Advisory Board Member

“For me it’s knowing that in some way, somehow, I helped someone today (personally or professionally). Is that cheesy?” – Jason Abucejo, ASF Payment Solutions, SPN Member

“Getting notes and emails from members about how our staff has changed their lives.” – Joe Harrison, GGFA Board Member

“Seeing members get results.” – Kim Kenyon, GGFA Board Member

“Raving fans as customers, shoulder massage and gin and tonic – in that order! :)” – Kelly Sweeney, Club Apps, SPN Member

“When staff tells me they enjoy working at our Gold’s Gyms.” – Adam Ponzio, GGFA Board Member

“When I see how our community service events really help people.” – Eliud Garcia, GGFA Board Member

“Making a difference for the better in someone’s life both inside and outside the gym. Also eating chocolate chip cookies!” – Barry Field, GGFA Board Member

“When somebody “gets it.” Watching the reaction and smile when some one gets it, whether it is a child or adult learning something or a member realizing that this fitness thing really works.” – Gordon Johnson, GGFA Director Emeritus

“A compliment, a message from an old friend, being appreciated, the success of my children, a good hair day or looking in the mirror, and thinking, “Dang, I look good!”, having a conversation with a total stranger, a nice gesture from a loved one.” – Tara DeWees, GGFA Staff

“For me it’s been the people who I have surrounded myself with and honestly the changes I have made in my diet and training.” – Justin Weeks, Europa, SPN Member

“The love of my family. My wife Maureen, my sons William and Shawn, and daughter Margaux. They are wonderful and being with them and knowing them is very enriching and fulfilling. Helping people that deserve help – who are underdogs – who need it – who I can make a difference for.” – Bryan O’Rourke, GGFA Think TanK Member

“My daughters – their love and acceptance melts me. When I feel valued. When I do something that takes a huge amount of effort and it turns out successful. Helping others -I could give of myself until there is nothing left. Exercising/physical activity – being outside” – Marnie Saylor, GGFA Staff

“The love and support of my family, an opportunity to help someone I know and love and also a stranger in a random circumstance, being a proud citizen and living in America, the big and little successes of my children, grandchildren and all that comes with being their Mimi.” – Deborah Collins, GGFA Staff

“Sunshine. Oh! And January sales :).” – Mary Zampetti, GGFA Advisory Board



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