GGFA Strategy Wheel

by Deborah Collins, GGFA Assistant Director

Deborah CollinsSince the most recent Owners’ Conference, you have all heard a lot about “strategy”.  I want to remind you of the words shared last October by keynote speaker, Cynthia Montgomery…

“Strategy comes from purpose.  What is one’s purpose in business?  Purpose is what generates the difference that matters….”

Your Executive Team made a promise to you at the Owners’ Conference, to take what was shared by Cynthia and develop the GGFA Strategy Wheel.  After months of collaboration, this has been done and we are ready to roll it out to you.  We know this tool will be of huge value to all Franchisees.

Take a look at this statement of strategy, and the anatomy of Gold’s Gym franchisee…

Statement of Strategy
We help people become the very best version of themselves they can be.

We are the advocate of the “Intimidated-to-Begin” and home to the “Believers.”

We create value through better “Intellectual Products” (culture, community outreach, programs, classes, education, activities, recreation etc.) designed to make exercise a habit, and delivered through customer-centrically designed processes by deeply empathetic and meticulously selected, trained, and developed people.

We are all intentionally focused on building a community to which all (employees and members) want to belong.

As Peter Block stated in ‘Community: The Structure of Belonging’, “Belonging is the opposite of thinking that wherever I am I would be better off somewhere else.”

As most of you know from your past experiences in attending the OC, it is an annual opportunity to come together, network and share with our fellow franchisees what we do well, and what we have learned from our failures in the business.  The GGFA brings together experts from those within our rich culture and outside our industry, to expand our knowledge, and help us to thrive and grow.   It is not simply a two-day event to submerse in outward thinking… it is a step in a process to improve and transform our businesses!

Those of you who attended remember Pete Moore’s message about our brand being in the middle marketplace of our industry.  He gave his stats and charts as proof of the industry trending.

A panel moderated by Blair McHaney and including Willy Banos, Jim Czupil and Steve Roten discussed “Owning the Middle” and showed their evidence of how they are winning in their markets.

Following the Owners’ Conference, Blair McHaney, Mike Epstein, Gordon Johnson and Ginger Collins worked together on the development of the GGFA Strategy Wheel, designed to provide you with a sound and logical strategy, specifically relevant to our business and our brand.

The Strategy Wheel Roll Out is Here!

Now we are ready to roll this out to you!  Don’t miss the opportunity to hear the teaching on the GGFA Strategy Wheel!

This webinar is for owners but we will discuss how best to introduce it to your staff during the webinar.  REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR: 

Thursday, February 18th @ 1:00 pm est
register now button

Mike will give the background on why it was developed and Blair will provide the explanation and reasoning of the wheel and spokes.  Gordon and Ginger will have additional supportive input.

The GGFA continues to Lead the Brand, Lift the Franchisee, and Build the Community and your association is an interactive organization, always anticipating and looking forward to your input and participation!  Please join us on February 18th!


About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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