A Simple Statement of Appreciation

by Ginger Collins, GGFA Executive Director

Ginger Winter PicLeadership.  Dedication.  High-Spirits.  Caring.  Focused.  And relentless on providing you with the best customer service possible.

This is what Deborah Collins, Marnie Saylor and Tara DeWees wake up to each morning as they begin their work day.  I tell people that their job is very simple.  To Amaze.  That’s it.  And I would say their success ratio is quite high!!

I can get all mushy about them but I wanted to hear what our “customers” think.  Please read the below and if you have a moment, reach out to these three incredible women yourself and give some love!

(I have these in the order I received them and published the first ten received.) 


Blair McHaney PREFERRED resizedBlair McHaney – I have said many times that the GGFA is as customer-centric and service focused as any organization.  Deb, Marnie and Tara are relentless in delivering great service.  I think many of us have been spoiled and might take for granted the effort they put into getting the details right to make our lives easier.


bryan murphyBryan Murphy – All of the programs, and various initiatives that are lead by the GGFA have reached a such a high level of integrity as a consequence of those that are sometimes not as visible. In my opinion, and others, much of the value that is available to us franchisees in regards to participating in the GGFA are a consequence of the worthwhile efforts of Deb, Marnie, and Tara.  I’m grateful.

Gordon Johnson Convention
Gordon Johnson
– They are the nicest, most obliging, talented, responsive, fun group of people I have the opportunity to be involved with. I love them.


Justin Weeks
Justin Weeks (Europa)
–  You know its simple for me…these ladies are always so kind to Europa and me personally.  You all are friends and every year make things better.


Kent StevensKent Stevens (Matrix Fitness) – The GGFA team of Deb, Marnie, and Tara truly set the bar at a whole new height when it comes to “git-r-done”. They consistently display amazing commitment, teamwork and results, and I really wish that I could clone them for our offices at Matrix. Though their clones would have to be willing to live in the frozen tundra, AKA Wisconsin…

Sal PellegrinoSal Pellegrino (Star Trac)They have a unique understanding of partnership and hospitality. They are kind, thoughtful, extremely thorough and always willing to drop everything to assist their vendor partners. Also, their commitment to the association and its’ members is second to none.  In closing, they are so kind and exhibit good manners and charm , something that is lost in our business world.

Steve RotenSteve Roten – As operators of our own businesses, we all have our “go to people” that we depend on to make lives easier (front desk managers, group exercise directors, back office managers, etc.).  Ginger is very lucky to have those people in Deb, Marnie, and Tara.  For years I have been a GGFA member and been in the hospitality suite at convention where those three girls were the constant familiar faces I looked for when I needed help – and yes, they were always there and happy to provide whatever I needed.  Since I have become “actively involved” in the GGFA, I now know them and I really appreciate all of the hard work, and more importantly, they bring to this organization.  I just want to say thank you girls!

Eliud Garcia Convention
Eliud Garcia
– Do you mean the “GGFA Hotties”? The hardest working group of girls around. Smart, responsive, intelligent, organized, the list can go on and on. They’re just the best I can ask for.


Kim Kenyon IHRSA
Kim Kenyon
– The ladies of the GGFA have the biggest hearts and always think about the franchisee first.  They are the most helpful group to work with. Thank you!!!!!


Mike Epstein ConventionMike Epstein – In addition to being caring and amazing people, these incredible women help make everything happen for the GGFA and our franchisees. They are professional, have the utmost integrity and always get the job done. I can’t say enough about how much they help the Board of Directors and the entire GGFA organization.


Jim Czupil 1Jim Czupil – I find the entire team being very helpful.  Dianne and I are still very new to all of this so your team has been great helping the rookies out.  Honestly, I turn to your team first before I go to GGI for anything that we really don’t know anything about.  The level of professionalism and personal touch is what we look to drive at the club level and measure through Medallia.  You guys would all be 9’s and 10’s from us if we were doing a Medallia report on you!!

Annie Redding Morley
Annie Morley (Bodybuilding.com)
– The GGFA team works HARD!  They’re the first ones at an event and the last ones to leave yet, I don’t know that I have ever seen a frown on any of their faces.  I have never met such an upbeat, helpful, motivated and dedicated team!


About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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