Use Push Alerts to Drive Revenue and Member Engagement

by Kelly Sweeney
Partner & President Club AppsclubappsLogo

Push AlertMember engagement is not only the driving force of member retention today but it is also the primary driver of revenue in health clubs. Member communication is a vital component of effective engagement. While many forms of member and prospect communication provide value, one of the main tools of connectivity we see taking hold in clubs across the world are the use of push alert notifications directly from the club’s mobile app. There is no other form of contact that exists today with its power of intimacy, immediacy and personalization – for free.

What is a push alert and why is it so powerful?

Keep in mind that 80% of health club members carry a smart phone (and this number is on the rise!) so using it as a tool of engagement is incredibly impactful in reaching your core audience.  Each time members and prospects download the club’s app they are essentially subscribing to you. This means they will receive instant communication from you via push alert notification. Push alerts pop up on the home screen of their phones like text messages for maximum member and GG Push Alertprospect connectivity. Push alerts should be used to communicate breaking club news, promotions and to drive members into different departments in the club through portals of entry in your mobile app. They can be spur of the moment ideas, scheduled in advance, sent to everyone or sent to those in a targeted geographic area.

Driving revenue with push alerts

While the use of push alerts to communicate class changes, inclement weather and club news is important, there are many clubs successfully using push alerts in targeted campaigns to drive revenue and focus into selected profit centers. Start maximizing push alerts today with some of the examples below:

  1. “For an instant workout partner click here to sign up your friends and family today right from our mobile app!”
  2. “Every fitness goal must have a starting point. Click here to register for your free body composition analysis.”
  3. “Bring a friend for free to Boot Camp tomorrow morning only!”
  4. “Refer 3 friends today in our mobile app and get a free smoothie.”
  5. “Show this message at the club for 20% off your supplement purchase today only!”
  6. “Order your smoothie through our app until 7:00 pm and receive a $1 off!”




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