Staff Meetings That Rock

by Karen Woodard, President of Premium Performance Training

Karen WoodardIn any management position you are responsible for leading meetings. The last thing you want is for your staff to dread your meetings or express that they are always “meeting-ed” out. More than likely, what you want from your meetings is to bring people together and have them feel inspired about being the best sat their role and that the time is valuable and well invested rather than wasted.

staff meetingThis 60 minute webinar presented by Karen Woodard in partnership with Matrix is designed with nine key points that provide the tools for you to lead meetings that are memorable, valuable and effective.  Some of the points discussed will include how to inform, edcuate and motivate, how to inform, inspire and persuade, preparation, maximizing particpation and how to avaoid making your meetings a snoozer because if they are a snoozer….they are a loser.

Register for this Webinar (hosted Wednesday, April 2nd at 1pm edt.
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Karen is President of Premium Performance Training in Boulder, Colorado and Ixtapa, Mexico is an international author, speaker and consultant devoted to successful sales, operations, management and hospitality training in the health and wellness industry.

Karen has owned 11 businesses over the past 28 years, sold 9 of them and currently operates 2 businesses. 6 of the 11 entities were clubs starting in 1985 with 3 fitness centers, 2 indoor rock climbing facilities and a body mind center.

Karen attributes her success as well as others success to a simple practice: train staff well on sales, management and hospitality – what she refers to as the Indispensable 3. Karen currently works with clients throughout the world to train and consult on maximizing the Indispensable 3.


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