To App or Not to App

Technogymby  Perry Bobrow, Director of Networks, Technogym USA

You wake up in the morning to the alarm clock app alarm on your smartphone.  You check your email and do a quick scan of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what your friends and family have been up to before heading out the door. You grab a smoothie and update your calorie/meal-tracking app.  You get an alert that you just won a discount at the local bike shop.  Throughout the course of the day your smartphone lets you know when and where you should be as well as helps you choose what you’re going to eat and what movie to watch. Simply, information at our fingertips has become an essential part of life.

It is estimated that by 2017 there will be over 4.4 billion app users worldwide making over 300 billion downloads.  This fact translates to over 50% of the world population using an app. In countries such as the US or Great Britain, that number could represent 80% of the population.

When you look back at your day, the only time that your smartphone didn’t dominate your time was while you were at the gym! Why?

The Health and Wellness industry is evolving. As a result, those involved have to think beyond the four walls of the facility.  Think about the information that you could communicate to your members in the form of an app or connected equipment to influence their wellness decisions and help them place a priority on time spent improving their well being.  Ask yourself: what do you really know about your members?  Who is in control of their workout?  Are you influencing what app they choose to use for their workouts?  Are you monitoring what they do both inside the facility as well as outside?  Are you able to review their information?   Are you selling them services through your app?  Are you getting leads through your website and app from the community?  By creating more and more ways to become involved in your members’ wellness lifestyle, both inside and outside your facility, you will keep them loyal and coming back.  It’s time to take control and ‘tame the technology’ to make it work for you and your needs.



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