Impact Retention By Discovering the “Why”

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Helping members understand the deeper significance of their fitness wants and needs is critical to them making the emotional connections that will sustain a long-term commitment to health and wellness. Having one conversation about the “why” of their journey could be the difference between healthy living success and another cancelled membership. By adding a 30 minute consultation to your member’s onboarding process and implementing the following best practices, your staff can increase the probability of a member’s commitment to their goals and to your facility.

Three Best Practices for a Successful Consultation:

  1. Provide a Safe and Comfortable Environment
    Members are unlikely to share personal information if employees are not providing enough comfort and support to create a safe atmosphere. A more secluded area, great questions, and an authentic interest will help breakdown potential barriers and allow members to be honest with themselves and you.
  2. Help Members Determine The “Why”
    Before teaching members about tools to train their body, it’s important to equip them with the tool to train theirmind, so they can overcome the inevitable obstacles that we all deal with on a daily basis. By helping a member get past the surface and draw out the deeper significance of their goals, you can provide them with a mental reminder and motivating tool to use when they are tempted to make excuses not to exercise.

Examples of Surface Level vs. Deeper Significance “Why’s”:

Surface Motivator: “I want to lose weight.”
Deeper Significance: “I want to lose weight so that I can look in the mirror and be happy about who I am.”

Surface Motivator: “I want to feel better.”
Deeper Significance: “I want to feel better so that I can sustain a positive attitude towards my professional and personal life.”

Surface Motivator: “I want less stress.”
Deeper Significance: “I want less stress so that the people that I care about can have the best of me.”

  1. Ask Questions, Don’t Prescribe
    Rather than prescribing an exercise program, ask questions that guide the member to writing their own personal exercise prescription. Research shows that people are much more successful in adhering to exercise when they have ownership in the decision making process.

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