2014 GGFA Owners’ Conference … It’s a Wrap!

Ginger Winter Pic bioby Ginger Collins, GGFA Executive Director

The GGFA just completed the milestone 10th Annual Owners’ Conference in New York City last week.  It was two days of excitement, sharing and learning with Franchisees and GGFA Suppliers.

The Monday Keynote Speaker, author and New York Times reporter, Charles Duhigg, was informative and relevant to our journey to “Owning the Middle”.  I received an email from his agent at Random House the next day which was a glowing statement from Charles.  She said he “had a blast” and she said it was rare for their speakers to comment on their engagements.  My take away from this is that, no matter who it is, people LOVE Gold’s Gym Franchisees!  And who doesn’t love friendly, fun, smart and beautiful people!!!!

We laid the groundwork for future Board elections and transitions.  John (JC) Custard gave insight to his vision as the next President of the Association.  Todd Levine from Webster NY was elected to fill the vacating seat of current President, Mike Epstein.  All good stuff!

The speed sessions were lively as I walked around the ballroom to check things out!  The display tables were busy too.  And as always, we thank the suppliers who support the Franchisees!

Ron Gardner, new GGFA attorney, was introduced to the Franchisees in the Day Two closed door session.  Ron provided his thoughts on his initial role with us and that he looked forward to helping and working with the GGFA.  Ron is known as a great negotiator and is just a down to earth person who really cares about his clients!

I have to thank the GGFA Staff, Deborah, Marnie and Tara for a stellar job once again.  The planning and execution of this event is no small task.  These ladies make it all look easy and they do it because of their admiration of the Franchisees and Suppliers.  It’s a big love affair!

Lastly, my thanks to the Gold’s Gym Family.  You’ve heard me say it before, but I wake up every day thinking about how I can fulfill the GGFA Strategy….  “Create Conditions That Allow Franchisees to Thrive”  Thank you and stay tuned to hear more about what’s happening in 2015!!!


About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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