Medallia and Gold’s Gym West GA

by Kathy Scapin, SPHR, Gold’s Gym West GA

Our three gyms have been Medallia users since 2009. In the beginning, gaining support for and embracing Medallia was an uphill effort. We have moved passed the initial skepticism and integrated Medallia into every aspect of the business. Surveys are reviewed daily, GM’s distribute the actions items to the department heads, the key numbers are reported and discussed at every operations meeting. Using Medallia creates good healthy competition among the teams and provides a common goal for everyone to work toward.
Writing this article prompted a review of the original Medallia surveys that date back to as early as 2006. For the year 2007, there were a combined total of 100 surveys completed for all three gyms. The LTR rating was a 7.7. Fast forward and in the last 90 days 550 surveys have been completed and the combined LTR score is 9.1.

The benefits of using Medallia are priceless.  Managers have always experienced a close relationship with members; however, Medallia has taken that relationship to a different level.  GM’s consider a complaint from a member to be a gift and personally reach out to disgruntled members to better understand their frustration.  That understanding typically leads to a policy or procedure review on our part to make sure the practice is still serving the business well. We have found that our members appreciate the chance to be heard and then become our greatest supporters. We strongly believe that a member is still engaged if they are complaining.  It is the member who suffers silently that can be most detrimental.

We publish our Medallia Ranking and member comments in the newsletters, place them on bulletin boards, and share them directly with the team member who received the compliment. Negative comments are turned into “teachable moments” that can be used for improvement.

For the owner not taking advantage of Medallia I would simply ask “Why Not?” “What is holding you back?”


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